The affordable alternative to Mac Cosmetics

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 6 September 2019 

The affordable alternative to Mac Cosmetics is waiting for you, with Revlon's incredible selection matching all Mac has to offer!


Mac Cosmetics are unrivalled when it comes to makeup artistry and trendsetting. This fashion-forward brand is known for their knack for colour and their ability to create the hot new trends that dominate international fashion weeks with reliable, quality formulas that models and makeup artists trust.

A more affordable brand that shares similar values to Mac is Revlon. Revlon are one of the world’s leading trendsetters when it comes to drugstore beauty brands.

Revlon, being at the pricier side of drugstore cosmetics, are also known for high quality formulas and exceptional performance.

Revlon, in alignment with Mac, also has a strong passion for colour with their first ever product launch being the opaque nail enamel in 1932.

Both Mac and Revlon value diversity and individuality which is made evident by their excellent colour selection and shade range.



Mac Pro Longwear Foundation ($41) vs Revlon ColorStay Makeup ($16.95)


Both foundations are said to deliver extended wear-time and a natural matte finish. They both utilise an oil-free formulation, but the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation also claims to control oil throughout the day.

The Mac Pro Longwear Foundation says that it can last for up to 15 hours in any environmental condition whereas Revlon ColorStay Makeup claims to be ‘life proof’, lasting up to 24 hours.

Mac’s Pro Longwear Foundation provides medium coverage as well as SPF 10 protection. Revlon’s ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin delivers buildable full coverage and SPF 15 (The Normal/Dry Skin Formulation offers SPF 20).

And the price difference? Mac’s Pro Longwear Foundation costs $41, while Revlon's ColorStay Makeup is just $16.95



Mac Matte Lipstick ($36) vs Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick ($8.95)


Mac’s range of matte lipsticks is what helped make the brand so famous in the first place. These highly-coveted lipsticks provide rich high-impact colour and glide across the lips easily with their creamy, full coverage formulation. They leave a smooth velvet matte finish on the lips – no shine in sight!

Just as Mac’s Matte Lipsticks skyrocketed the brand’s success, the Super Lustrous range has been one of Revlon’s best-sellers for years. The new matte version of this iconic lipstick range provides that same bold high-intensity colour and smooth matte finish without feeling dry on the lips. Like Mac, this lipstick also utilises a creamy formulation that feels delightfully comfortable on the lips.



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Revlon Lipstick V Mac

By: Mella Chand on 20 August 2022
What colour lipstick is the Revlon substitute for the colour "MEDIA" in the Mac range please ?

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