Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 14 December 2016 

Wam, Bam, Let There Be Glam.

If you’ve ever seen The Aristocats, you like us, will have long obsessed over how damn classy the Duchess was and forever will be.

Here’s the scene of her playing the harp, in 15 different languages.



Yuhuh, damn straight she’s purrrrfect (we’re not sorry, never). She’s glam bam in every language.


Take whatever time you need to get over the fact that you can never be the Duchess (sob, damn, damnit) but there’s no need to dwell in our woe too long because DEM BEAUTY GURUS GOTS US COVERED. Literally, the coverage be bold and full, behbs. And we love it. Love it long time. That dewy-full coverage finish. Yusssssss queen.



Use our special selections on your left for that glam-classy looks that’ll have errrrrrybody in the club turning to ya, lights flickering and ‘ohmagarsh Becky, forget about your good hair, that gurrrl has got this place lit’. Mmhmmmm.

Yes, the everyday makeup look is practical, fabulous and most necessary but sometimes, just sometimes, when that boy be looking mighty frasssssh and things are at stake, it is damn well euphoric to turn the notch up, up and away.


Let. There. Be. Glam.

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