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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 16 May 2019 

Get the beautiful lifestyle you deserve with the all new Lifestyle category, featuring bedding, homewares and more!


To truly live the beautiful life, a beauty queen must adopt the beautiful lifestyle. This extends far beyond the makeup we wear and the way we spruce up our hair.

We spend so much time perfecting our everyday makeup routine and curating a personalised skincare regime, but we tend to forget about our surroundings.

Our brand-new ‘Lifestyle’ category is your one-stop shop for the ultimate bedroom and living room transformation, with high-quality bedding, sweet scented candles, peaceful diffusers and pillow cases that can improve your hair and skin.

Aside from quality homewares, our Lifestyle section also offers a range of products to enhance your day-to-day life from cute bags and chic wallets to extremely convenient travel essentials for girls who are constantly on-the-go.

We’re shining the spotlight on some of our personal favourites from our new Lifestyle category. Check them out!



Royal Comfort Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Twin Pack

$44.95 (RRP $229)


Considering our heads and faces spend hours of direct contact with our pillow cases, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the material used has a lot to do with the condition of our hair and skin.

Believe it or not, making the switch to silk pillow cases can maintain our skin’s glow, prevent split ends and put a stop to the dreaded ‘bed hair’, due to their natural properties and limited friction when compared to other fabrics.

Silk is also the smarter and healthier option as it is easier to clean and hypoallergenic. Plus, it looks incredibly sleek on any bed top. It’s win’s all around.

Available in six colours



Royal Comfort Bamboo Blended Sheet Set

$34.95 (RRP $149)


Made with 60% microfibre and 40% bamboo viscose, a more sustainable fibre, do your part for the environment by choosing this more eco-friendly option.

These luxurious bed sheets are not only sustainable, but are of superior quality, ensuring an extra soft touch, a breathable feel and a pleasantly cooling experience for a wonderfully comfortable slumber.

Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases.

Available in Double, Queen and King in four colours



Jelly Belly Scented Tealights 10-Pack



Although these candles are more of a novelty, they’re a great idea for anyone who can’t seem to conquer their sweet tooth.

If sugary delights are your guilty pleasure, satisfy your cravings by filling the air with sweet smelling fragrances from Jelly Belly.

Dessert, anyone?

Available in French Vanilla, Marshmallow and Tutti Fruitti



Pure Spa Aromatherapy Diffuser Dark Wood



This aesthetically-pleasing seed pod diffuser lifts the senses and sets the mood with three satisfying scents – refreshing Kiwi & Lime, calming Lily & Lotus and uplifting Apple & Dewberry.

Aside from smelling incredible, this diffuser is also a remarkable stress reliever and helps to keep dry, irritated skin feeling healthy and hydrated.



Check out our brand new Lifestyle category for yourself and turn your humble home into a beautiful abode

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