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Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 3 July 2018 

Take out the hassle and pack a little extra enjoyment into your travel experience with these handy holiday essentials from Le Tan, Cancer Council and more.


If you’re an experienced traveler, you know that the items you pack in your hand luggage are of the upmost importance. If you’re not an avid fan of travelling or generally have no clue where to start, the idea of packing can be daunting.

If you do find yourself with a flight ticket in hand to sunny Hawaii, we suggest packing the essentials that pay heed to your skin and the sun. Hopefully, our helpful guide to holiday packing will get you on the right track.


Le Tan Zinc Sticks



Great for the little ones and the adults.

For any outdoor activities, carry one of these lightweight Le Tan Colour Zinc Sticks in your backpack. Le Tan Colour Zinc Sticks are rich in Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, high in SPF 50+ and deliver the upmost protection against the sun’s UV rays, while adding a little colour to your summer vacation.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about the 100ml liquid limit for your carry-on luggage as these skincare products aren’t liquid based.



Cancer Council Roll On Sunscreen 75ml



If you’re travelling to a place where there’s plenty of sun, purchasing a reliable and high-performance sunscreen is an absolute must. At Cosmetic Capital, we stock a wide range of sun protection products including Australia’s renowned Cancer Council’s Everyday Roll On Sunscreen.

This product is under the 100ml carry-on limit, easy to apply, is non greasy, provides four hours of water resistance and delivers SPF30+ protection.


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly



Dry chapped lips from long haul flights getting you down? Not to worry, Vaseline's Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly should do the trick. Available in favourite flavours like refreshing Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, the jelly instantly protects, softens and relieves dry lips while locking moisture to allow your lips to recover. They're suitable for sensitive skin too.


White Glo Day and Night Toothpaste Pack



No need to head to your nearest convenience store for toothpaste. Instead, just pick up the White Glo Day & Night Toothpaste pack.

This pack comes with two toothpastes (and a toothbrush!) that will change the way you brush your teeth.

Delivering a revolutionary 24 hour protection system and infused with fluoride protection, you’ll find a night gel that revitalises the mouth and reduces morning breath, as well as an all-day paste for shining and polishing


BYS Deluxe Travel Kit



We understand the importance of looking-good wherever you go. Luckily, we’ve got something just for the ladies who’re constantly on the move.

Introducing the BYS Deluxe Travel Kit, a small and compact eyeshadow palette containing six of BYS’s most popular smoky, brown and nude eyeshadow pigments. Mix and match with the dual ended eye-shadow applicator for a number of glowing summer looks to dramatic evening wear.

This kit comes with its own fashionable leopard print toiletries bag, ensuring that you always travel in style.


Gilette Mach 3 Turbo Razors – Sensitive



Some accommodations offer their own complimentary toiletries, including razors, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your own, especially if you’re on an important business trip. This Gilette razor is not only lightweight, but delivers the closer shave you desire in lesser strokes and irritation on the more sensitive areas of your face.

This razor includes 3 position blades that cut the hair closer, a soothing lubrication strip with Aloe for a smoother shave and a gentle front pivoting head.


A note to all travelers


Please remember if you're carrying any toiletry product that exceeds the 100ml limit, it must be stored in your ‘checked in’ luggage. Also, we highly recommend you seal all liquid or cream-based toiletries in plastic zip lock bags or wrap them in reusable plastic bags before packing them in your checked-in or carry-on luggage. The last thing you want is finding spilt sunscreen all over your clothes.


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