L'Oreal's secret to eternal youth

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 2 May 2018 

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Here at Cosmetic Capital, we like to think we’re miracle makers. With confidence, we claim that we have the abilities to successfully slow the passage of time, and have uncovered the legendary ingredients needed to retain youth and natural beauty.

And it’s all thanks to L'Oreal.

From the get-go, L’Oreal has acknowledged that the secret to youthful and healthy looking skin is understanding what it needs the most. Yes, as surprising as it sounds, your skin has special needs and requirements too.

Through the years, L'Oreal has observed that time, weather, stress, hormones and life in general are factors which can affect the state of your skin. Factors we often tend to overlook … but thankfully not by L’Oreal.

To combat aging, L’Oreal has created two sweet scented lines of skin care for people with more mature, dry, or beaten down skin: ‘Age Perfect’ and ‘Anti-Wrinkle’.



‘Anti-Wrinkle’ and ‘Age Perfect’ are a collection of lightweight and highly absorbent creams, serums, lotions, cleansers and oils that are designed to address a range of anti-ageing issues, plus allow you to reap the benefits of your regimented skin care routine.

Each product has its own multipurpose properties and enriched with vitamins, proteins from soy seeds, soft Shea butter and much more. At Cosmetic Capital, we truly believe L’Oreal’s line of creams and serums are a sure-fire way to literally lift the years off your face and restore your skin to its original, natural radiance.

You deserve the secret to natural youth as much as anyone else, so if you desire nothing but to step up your skin-care routine and reduce the effects of aging, start shopping now!

Interested? Here’s a small teaser of the new ‘Age Perfect’ and ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ products we have available.



L’Oreal Anti Sagging + Anti Age Spot Day Cream SPF 15

A soothing and soft multipurpose cream that simultaneously combats age spotting, sagging and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Just $21.95 (save an extra $11.00)

Made in the USA





L’Oreal Wrinkle Expert 25+ Hyaluronic Day & Night Moisturiser

Dermatologically tested, this lightweight cream smooths fine wrinkles, while providing the skin with all day hydration.

Just $19.95 (save an extra $13.00)

Made in the USA




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