Luxury hair tools for luscious locks

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 August 2017 

Jilbere de Paris make those gravity defying curls and sleek straight locks of your dreams a reality with their high-quality, salon grade hair stylers. These high grade hair tools are sure to transform any frizzy, shaggy do’s into the beautifully dreamy locks of a complete goddess.

Made in Italy, the passionate stylist behind this wondrous, internationally leading brand envisioned gorgeous, premium quality styling tools that stayed up to date with contemporary hair fashion trends and cutting-edge technology, whilst reflecting the timeless and unique beauty of European aesthetics.

Since then, Jilbere de Paris has developed a remarkable, unrivalled range of luxe hair tools for your styling needs.


For voluminous bounce, taming frizzy curls or achieving the straightest, shiniest locks

Jilbere de Paris Euro 2400 Compact AC Motor Dryer


This marvellous hair dryer is ideal for a multitude of lovely hair styles. It’s incredible easy to use and will control frizz like no other.

The powerful, concentrated air velocity of its salon grade AC motor along with its waveform heating element ensures efficient, unfaltering results and supreme heat distribution.

The dryer utilises ceramic tourmaline technology and superior ionic conditioning technology so that you can dry and style your hair at record speed and achieve straight, frizz-free, healthy-looking hair. 

This compact dryer comes complete with two ultra-slim concentrator nozzles for smooth and controlled easy styling, and a diffuser for effortlessly drying and taming natural curls.

It has two speeds and two heat settings (including a cold setting which can be extremely useful!), a hanging loop for convenient storage and a rear filter that can be easily removed for stress-free cleaning. 



For cascading waves and romantic curls


Jilbere de Paris Euro 2500 25mm Ceramic Curler

If your straight hair is in need of a change or your unruly curls need some taming, a good curling wand is a necessity.

The 25mm barrel of this premium performance ceramic curler is ideal for creating flowing waves and soft, dreamy curls. It utilises a combination of micro particles of nano silver, tourmaline and ceramic to seal the hair cuticle, minimising frizz and maximising shine.

This curler is great for all hair types as it has five different temperature settings and can be heated up to 200 degrees celsius.

It uses digital controls with an LED display to make life a tonne easier. It also includes a heat protection shield for simple, convenient storage.

Je t'aime, Jilbere!



Give your hair styling tools an upgrade with these luxurious, European-inspired products by Jilbere de Paris

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