Make your friends jelly with this new highlighter

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 8 December 2018 

The hottest trend from LA Girl will have your friends super jelly over your new highlight!


There’s a fun and exciting new way to improve your highlighting game and it’s bound to make all your friends jelly.

You’ve heard of highlighting powders, cream highlighters and liquid highlighters, but have you heard of jelly highlighters?

Before you roll your eyes and click off this post while mumbling to yourself, “Ugh, not another Internet trend”, jelly highlighters could actually be the next big thing. 

jelly highlighters give you that radiant, dewy, wet skin appearance for a natural-looking sheen. They are super easy to apply, and they tend to stick to water-based formulas to give you that glossy, gleaming glow.



Jelly highlighter vs traditional highlighting powders


Whilst we will forever love our powdery pots of highlighting heaven, jelly highlighters do possess some unique perks.

  • Powders typically require a primer to maximise their longevity where creams, liquids and in this case, jellies, do not. Therefore, jellies would provide you with longer wear-time.
  • While we’re on the subject of longevity, jelly highlighters will last you longer than highlighting powders in general since they only require a small amount of product for the desired effect.
  • Jelly highlighters give you a wet, dewy appearance instead of a glittery, powdery look.
  • Powder formulas may adhere to dry patches and peach fuzz where creams, liquids and jellies wouldn’t.
  • Jelly highlighters are quite buildable and won’t give you a powdery, cakey appearance.
  • Since jellies are designed to be gently dabbed onto the skin, it is a lot easier to achieve a subtle highlight with these products.
  • Jelly highlighters are also just such a cool, unique concept. Jump on the trend early so you can say you liked it before it was cool!

If you’re dreaming of a world where jelly highlighters and highlighting powders live in harmony, consider your dreams a reality. Jellies also make excellent bases for powdered highlights!


Instagram credit: evita424


The L.A. Girl Glowin’ Up Highlighting Jelly


Try out the jelly highlighting trend yourself with the L.A. Girl Glowin’ Up Highlighting Jellies.

These jellies provide the skin with an extra dewy glow and highly-pigmented shine.

Their oil-free water-based gel formula contains special glossy polymers that dry onto the skin for a unique, radiant, wet-looking, glossy shine that feels soft and looks sensational.

These jellies come in a variety of fun fashionable colours to fit any look or occasion from your classic silver, gold and bronze shades to mesmerising pinks and purple.

L.A. Girl Glowin’ Up Highlighting Jelly is available now in eight astonishing shades.


Get the L.A. Girl Glowin’ Up Highlighting Jellies now for $11.95 each

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