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BYS are one of the fastest-growing Australian cosmetic brands and is now being exported all over the world. Radiating nothing but creativity, excitement and boldness, BYS offer fun colour, on-trend, user-friendly makeup products and exceptional value.

BYS are completely against animal testing and have been recognised by PETA as a trusted cruelty-free brand.





Taking the hottest catwalk trends right on down to the sidewalk, Maybelline are dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to make a statement, explore new looks and confidently strive for what they want and go make it happen.

With scientifically advanced formulas, extraordinary textures and a selection of trendsetting shades, you can achieve effortless and affordable beauty with Maybelline.





Revlon has spent over 80 years constantly innovating and delivering top-quality cosmetics to their loyal fanbase. Starting with a single nail enamel, Revlon now offer hundreds of quality mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows and so much more.

Worn upon the faces of world-renowned Hollywood hotties such as Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, Revlon’s definitely earned a top spot on the A-List.





LÓreal has been helping women find their style since 1909. That’s over 100 years of mastering the makeup industry.

Known in over 130 countries, LÓreal allow women all over the world to enhance their beauty and achieve luxurious elegance from head to toe with the most flattering makeup products that suit all styles and skin tones.

Forever up-to-date with the hottest trends and constantly conducting extensive laboratory research, LÓreal promise innovation, top quality and magnificence.





Essie understand that we are all individuals and deserve to express ourselves in more nail colours than just red, pink and beige.

Essie redefined nail colour and has spent over 30 years developing an extremely extensive selection of nail colours so that we can express ourselves as we choose.

Essie has gone on to become one of the most widely adored and highly trusted nail brands by professionals, celebrities and even royalty.






With NYX being one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brands with 13.9 million Instagram followers and a strong presence in thousands of retailers in over 70 countries, it's understandable why this brand is one of Cosmetic Capital's best sellers.

NYX has earned itself an unrivalled reputation for affordability that doesn’t compromise on quality and effectiveness.

This trending brand is constantly bringing us affordable products that tap into the latest fashions and styles that parade our social media.

NYX are the cruelty-free colour experts with their stunning eyeshadow singles, palettes and vivid lipsticks.


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Revlon New Complexion

By: Margot Laidlaw on 14 December 2019
Could you please let me know when the above inquiry becomes available at discount price. Thank you

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