Our fave makeup challenges

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 20 August 2018 

Ah, we love a good old makeup challenge. They're the perfect kind of video to watch if you need some laughter in your life, and learn a tip or trick or two while doing so. Here are some of our favourites to spice up your youtube watch-list.


If there’s anything we love more than an elaborate makeup tutorial, it’s a good makeup challenge video.

These hilarious YouTube videos are the perfect way to unwind when you arrive back home after a stressful day at work, when you finally put the kids to sleep after a nightmare of an evening, or when you rage quit trying to recreate a Promise Phan transformation.

 Seriously, how come she can make herself look like Selena Gomez and I just end up looking like Shrek? So unfair!!

Here are some challenge videos you need to add to your watch-list!


I tried following a _____ makeup tutorial


It’s reassuring when we find out that we’re not the only ones who struggle to follow makeup tutorials!

These YouTubers make a glitter cut crease look easy-peasy with their fancy transitions and jump cuts and even though we know in our hearts that it’s all in the editing, we convince ourselves that these beauty gurus are mythical makeup masters and we just suck.

Vlogger Alisha Marie made her 7.7 million subscribers chuckle when she attempted to recreate a Jeffree Star makeup tutorial.

Though the finished product didn’t look completely horrendous, her struggle throughout the process is too funny not to watch! We get your feels, Alisha.



My husband/boyfriend does my makeup


Even though your husband or boyfriend is the person you love the most, he’s the one person you should never trust with a makeup brush.

A number of daring YouTubers have asked their partners to do their makeup and the results have been … well … exactly how you would have imagined!

Lifestyle YouTuber Aspyn Ovard is one of the many gutsy ‘tubers who handed their beauty tools over to their loving hubbies only to end up looking like a hot mess.

Apart from being super hilarious, this video of Aspyn’s husband Parker trying to do her makeup is totally cute.



How I did my makeup in high school


Ah yes, the days when YouTube was just becoming a thing and we never knew that contouring was a thing. Yikes.

Some of our favourite beauty-tubers have given us major nostalgia as they take us through their old high school makeup routines. Hello Britney-inspired pastel eyeshadows, chokers and all the butterfly clips!

One of the OG YouTube beauty gurus BubzBeauty took us on a journey with her frightening but totally relatable high school look. Her husband’s reaction at the end is priceless!



My ___ picks my makeup


The thought of leaving someone else in charge of your makeup is frightening enough as it is. But could you imagine if your makeup choices were left in the hands of your dogs?

Well, NikkieTutorials did just that, leaving her adorable dogs Ivy and Mila in charge of helping her choose which makeup products she would be using for the video.

Of course, Nikkie can make anything work so the end result was nothing short of fabulous, but the video was still super cute! And who doesn’t love doggies? 



Tell us your favourite makeup challenge videos in the comments!


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