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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 9 October 2019 

CoverGirl has always believed in the transformational power of makeup. Here are some of our favourites that truly encapsulate that idea.


CoverGirl represent individuality and self-expression. They deliver all the easy-to-use, must have products for us to wear as we please.

For over 50 years, CoverGirl has believed in the transformational powers of makeup and have aimed to give us all the tools we need to express and show off the person that lies within. 

With authenticity, diversity and accessibility at the forefront of what CoverGirl stands for, you can flaunt your best self regardless of who you are and what level of makeup expertise you possess.

From the sweet and subtle to the bold and the beautiful, here are some of our favourites from leading American brand, CoverGirl.



CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams

$4.95 (RRP $12.95)


Infused with nourishing shea butter, these yummy lip creams deliver both chic, creamy colour and smooth, supple moisture.

These juicy glosses come in a range of wearable colours for a sweet tint and healthy colour that looks good both in the office and out on the town.

With delectable names like Caramel Cream, Berries N Cream, Cherry Cream Pie and Strawberry Frappe, how can you resist?



CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Powder

$9.95 (RRP $20.95)


Unlike other setting powders that can tend to dry you out, this innovative formulation allows you to set your makeup and remove excess shine without compromising on moisture.

This hydrating yet incredibly lightweight formulation keeps your skin in prime condition for a flawless, even coverage and a natural-looking finish that won’t cake up or fail on you throughout the day.

Available in four shades.



CoverGirl Eyeliner Katy Kat Eye Pencil KP01 Kitty Whispurr



This dual-ended eyeliner is exactly what you need for an impactful cat-eye look that defies the norms.

With a bold frosty white liner and an easy-to-use smudger tool, you can use this eyeliner for a frosty eyeshadow look, a chic liner look or a highlighting accent to make the whites of your eyes pop.

With an innovative long-lasting formulation, your cat eye should stay on point for up to eight hours. We’ll meow to that!



CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter

$7.95 (RRP $16.95)


Positively packed with pigment and shimmering particles, these highlights don’t hold back on the luminosity.

If your skin’s looking a little dull, add a touch of glow to your high points and favourite features for a captivating look and healthy radiance that sparkles and shines well into the night.

Available in six shimmery shades from an icy white to a deep, smouldering bronze.



CoverGirl Outlast All Day Intense Lip Color & Gloss

$6.95 (RRP $20.95)


There’s no better way to achieve dimension on the lips than by topping a boldly coloured lip colour with a super shiny gloss.

With these handy duos, you won’t have to go out searching for the perfect colour combos.

Coming with both a striking base colour and coordinated finishing gloss colour, these duos allow you to put together a stunning lip look in no time.

Available in three colour combinations.



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