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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 3 September 2018 

Calling to all those with normal to dry skin types! Here's a foundation tailored to you and only you!

Calling all normal and dry skin types! We have found the foundation for you.


The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation is our newest arrival and is sure to give you that flawless, porcelain-doll-like complexion.

This full coverage foundation creates flawless, pore-less, airbrushed skin that lasts up to 16 hours.

The unique creamy mousse formula contains elastomers, moisturising milk, amino acid treated pigments, glycerine and water to even out the complexion and blend like an absolute dream.

Though this foundation is ultra-lightweight, breathable and promises a photo-ready, cake-free finish, normal and dry skin types would see the best results from this foundation due to its hydrating qualities.

This foundation comes packaged in an easy-to-use pump bottle that can be locked by twisting the top to avoid any spillage.



How best to apply the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation


Even though this foundation promises pore-less results and 16 hour wear, there’s no harm in making certain that this foundation looks absolutely flawless by starting with a primer base that helps to blur your pores and imperfections. May we suggest another Maybelline masterpiece, the Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer Base Alisadora?

Pump a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand (making sure that it’s clean!) and dot product all over your face. This prevents any product absorption you may have gotten from applying your foundation directly onto your brush or blending sponge. 

Blend your foundation with a foundation brush, a blending sponge or a combination of both, making sure that your hairline and jawline are well blended. Nothing ruins a full coverage foundation like harsh lines!

When you’re done, be sure to lock your foundation by twisting the top before putting it away.



The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation is available in 8 shades 


Porcelain Ivory

Classic Ivory

Natural Ivory


Creamy Natural

Sandy Beige

Honey Beige

Pure Beige


Get the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation for just $8.95 (RRP $22.95)!


Check out Michelle Soucek’s demonstrative video below to get a visual scoop on how well the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation applies on her skin.


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Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish 70

By: Elfreda McPherson on 15 October 2021
I have been using this product since 2009 and now I am unable to purchase it. Have tried many, many times to buy it. Do you have a new product that is similar and airbrushed.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

By: Jacqui Kennedy on 19 March 2021
Just love this product have used it now for nearly 3 years. But don't seem to be able to buy it. Please don't tell me it is off the market.

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