Our newest brands

BH Cosmetics


Being beautiful with BH Cosmetics is an absolute breeze with their quality formulas and enticing beauty products.

This LA-born brand knows what the people want – high quality products that are cruelty-free, right on trend and social media approved.

BH Cosmetics are known for their high-performing eyeshadow palettes. They offer vivid pigmentation, a variety of stunning finishes, unique themes and exclusive influencer collaborations. 





Immortal proves that the pursuit for effective anti-aging skincare solutions doesn’t necessarily have to come with synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

This 100% Australian owned and Sydney manufactured brand offer targeted solutions for the various visible signs of aging that are organic, plant based, cruelty-free and void of parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours and fragrances.

Immortal offer easy-to-use, at-home solutions for re-inviting youth to your skin by combatting wrinkles, fine lines, undereye puffiness and more. 


LA Girl


Straight out of the heart of the always trending and forever fashionable city of Los Angeles, LA Girl brings us ground-breaking colour, reliable formulas and all-round quality at an affordable price.

LA Girl make it super easy to play around with the season’s most stylish colours and the most talked-about trends with their user-friendly product concepts and designs. There’s no need to be a pro makeup artist or beauty guru to enjoy what LA Girl has to offer.

Whilst there is a lot to say about LA Girl’s stunning colour selection and pigmentation, first place has got to go to their incredible face products. Their full coverage foundations and concealers bring the best of both worlds – high quality with amazingly affordable price points. 



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