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Vanity Planet


There’s nothing vain about taking care of yourself. Focused on beauty, grooming and wellness, Vanity Planet understand that good health is the key to self-confidence.

Over the years, Vanity Planet has worked tirelessly to create a trusted range of effective and innovative skin-renewing technologies for men and women of all ages and skin types.

Their highly-acclaimed Ultimate Skin Spa System, has earned mass media attention, even getting a positive mention from The Ellen Show



BH Cosmetics


BH Cosmetics encapsulate all the diversity, culture and style that L.A. has to offer.

From their vivid pigments to their long-wearing formulas, understanding of the current trends and awesome cruelty-free values, it’s no wonder this brand has scored a 1.8 million Instagram following.

Their eyeshadow palettes in particular have won the world over for their terrific texture, pigmentation and colour selections.



Gerard Cosmetics


With a clear vision in mind, Gerard Cosmetics graced their fans with glamorous, time-effective beauty-busting solutions that were made specifically for them to make their lives easier and a little more fabulous.

Gerard Cosmetics are especially known for their superior lip products with online beauty bloggers gushing about their unmatched formula, lovely pigmentation and long-lasting wear.





e.l.f make full-faced glam exceptionally easy and ridiculously inexpensive. With an array of tailored beauty products for the eyes, lips and face as the name suggests, e.l.f allow all women of any budget and style to enhance their natural radiance and create their own look.

This cruelty-free brand has managed to accumulate a 2.8 million following on Instagram and continuously deliver the products that fans want, along with uncompromising innovation and creativity.





Inspired by the bold colours of Italy and captivating high fashion style, Milani’s beauty products radiate quality, design, diversity and brilliance.

Offering choice, beauty and excellent formulas, this anti-animal testing brand allows women of all skin tones to feel beautiful with a stunning selection of universally flattering colours and shadows. 



L.A. Girl


Get street chic with the most stylish, on-trend makeup products that all the hottest L.A. Girls are loving.

Dedicated beauty bloggers and enthusiastic novices have fallen in love with the versatile and vibrant products from this affordable City of Angels-inspired brand.

Their HD Pro Concealers have especially got the world buzzing for their immaculate coverage and insanely low cost.


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