Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 13 January 2017 

Swinging with our hips and leading with our lips. It’s about that entrance, that aura, that damn fine, unapologetic entrance. Mwa!

The L’Oreal LA Palette Lip brings such flavour to our lips Matt Preston is running around in the biggest flurry.

As women of style, brains and vision, hasn’t it just been the darndest fun time ever? Ah!

And now it’s summer and all the ice cream and the beach and the selfies and champers on that beach and eating that hamburger and smooching that Cutie McCutie - our lips sure have their work cut out for them.

And shall we let our ridiculously busy schedules get in the way of our lips being painted like the Sistine Chapel? NO SIR-EY, madams et mademoiselles. We will darn well keep flouting that pout, managing our men, our families, our jobs, our fun, our dreams, our style, our aesthetic, like the works of art we are.


FOR THE LOVE OF NUDE! Photo: @glitterbubblegum_


That’s quite the schedule for our darling lips. SO DO WE HAVE A PLANELLA, STANELLA?


We needs a lip kit. With OPTIONS.

Uhhhh, just one option is SO PASSE, LAST CENTURY, NOT OKAY ain’t nobody got time for that etc. etc …

FOUR PLUS OPTIONS, yuh? At least!


PLEASE PASS THE SULTRY! Photo:  @glitterbubblegum_


The thing needs to be transportable, compact, have blissful application and out-gloss the sun because touch-ups during the day are a must and while they can be inconvenient, there is a perf solution. Oh Bertha, what here dawns? A light of colour gloss at the end of the dry, cracked desert? Pout no longer! Oh forgive us how silly!

POUT LONGER and truer and vibrant-er with these phenomenal ‘oh my gosh how did I survive before this’ L’OREAL LA PALETTE LIP KITS.


Pocket these bad boys for when your lips need a good touch up. They’ll bring the quite the colour time to your lips.

Now be off with you. Love you loads, you cheeky thing you.



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