Paint the town with the new Festival Palette from BYS

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 10 January 2018 

For the love of colour, put those smokey shadows down and nude palettes away!

We always resort to our signature smokeys and everyday looks. Probably because we’re confined to rules and regulations that stipulate a modest dress code that’s free of any bright neons and over-the-top glitters. That’s fair enough.

But summer’s upon us and now is the best time of year to whip out some colour and create some fun, flirty looks.

First, however, you need to get your hands on a good palette with high pigmentation and a great selection of incredible colours.

Of course, when I say that, I am 100% talking about the BYS Festival Palette. Let me tell you why it’s all kinds of awesome.



Starting with the basics, this palette comes with twenty unique eyeshadows. That’s a decent number of shadows for such a compact yet highly versatile palette!

This palette covers the entire warm and cool colour spectrum with just enough in-between shades for creating some easy, flawless gradients, but not too many that it could seem daunting to a beginner.

Fear not, you smokey-eyed devotees, as this well-thought-out colour spectrum also means you can add as much depth and dimension to the eye as you desire.

Seriously, the mastermind behind this palette really went above and beyond in ensuring that this multi-coloured palette would be totes user friendly. Kudos!

As well as transitional shades, BYS has also paid mind to providing you with neon, bold and pastel options with matte and shimmer finishes. The ball really is in your court with this palette!


Photo: Gloss Cosmetics


Now, let’s talk about the formula.

Sometimes, high-impact colour can look a lot lighter when swatched and applied - but not with this palette. These colours are highly pigmented, long lasting and remain true to the colour in the pan. Add some primer to take it to an even higher level!

Texture wise, these shadows are velvety soft and blend like a dream as they were formulated with Mica to ensure a silky-smooth finish on the lids. Bless!

Of course, this palette is cruelty free like all products in the BYS range and it evidently embodies the fun and innovation that the brand is so passionate about promoting in their products.

The shades in this palette are perfect for summer, literally made for festival season and are excellent for adding a little pop of colour to any look. 

Have fun experimenting and see what exotic looks you can create!


Let your true colours shine for the world to see and get your hands on BYS’ new Festival Palette for $9.95 here!

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