Your fantasy makeup mirror is now a reality

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 8 December 2017 

It’s amazing how one little touch of glam can amp up your living space, whether that’s with a cute décor item or a funky statement art piece.

This particular touch of glam will not only add some stunning elegance to your bedroom, but it will also give you the perfect illumination for creating your most flawless makeup looks yet.

The Illuminated Fantasy Makeup Mirror will have you feeling like a famous Hollywood star without the privacy invasion from pesky paparazzi - and without the multi-million-dollar net worth, unfortunately. 



This large vertical mirror is encompassed by a thick, elegant matte-white frame that compliments every colour scheme and furnishing theme.

The left and right side is lined with 7 equal-spaced battery-operated LED lights for even illumination when creating your makeup looks. Just pop in 3 AA batteries, hit the switch and get glamourized!

The substantial length of this mirror (64cm) is excellent for both makeup and hairstyling alike as you’re able to get a perfect view from head to mid-torso.

This beautiful mirror can lean against a wall or be mounted depending on preference.

So, are you feeling more like Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé today, madam?


Amp up your bedroom with the Illuminated Fantasy Makeup Mirror for $59.95 by clicking here! 


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