Pick of the week: Mermaid Salon Atlantis 2.0 Brush Set

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 12 December 2017 

Ariel may have been fascinated by our dinglehoppers and snarfblatts (a.k.a forks and pipes), but us humans are undoubtedly in awe of her perfect complexion.

Could it be because of the sea water she dwells in 24/7? Or could it be because she uses some magical mermaid makeup brushes?

Regardless of what our Under The Sea queen uses, we’ve got the perfect brush set for creating some delightfully dreamy makeup looks straight out of your wildest aquatic fantasies.

Feast your eyes on the absolutely beautiful Atlantis 2.0 Brush Set from Mermaid Salon!



This serene set features 10 longline brushes that were inspired by the colours and textures of Siamese fighting fish. They utilize a stunning aquamarine-to-magenta gradient finish and an adorable mermaid tail design, ensuring without question that these unrivalled brushes are the true stand-outs in your makeup collection. 

This brush set includes face, cheek and eye brushes that are super soft and fabulously fluffy for some incredible blending and extremely pleasant use.

Their rippled tail design not only makes for a cute aesthetic touch, but the ridges also ensure better grip and the flat tail end will prevent your brushes from rolling off the table.



Amazing, beautiful brushes that do the job and make your life easier? Forget dinglehoppers, this brush set is what Ariel should be singing about!

This brush set's awesome quality, inimitable beauty and divine uniqueness makes it a steal at $79.95.


Dive into the deepest oceans and travel to the lost city of Atlantis by picking up your own Mermaid Salon Atlantis 2.0 Brush Set here!

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