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Is L'Oreal shampoo good for your hair?

When it comes to hair care, the master formulators at L'Oreal really know what they’re talking about. They have designed a complete range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments designed for every hair type and relationship with your hair imaginable. In today’s world of beauty must-haves and looks, our hair often takes quite a beating. Whether we’re straightening it, curling it, blow drying it, colouring it, relaxing it, perming it, bleaching it, it takes a toll on the health and lustrousness of our hair. L'Oreal has been making hair products for over 100 years and it’s not hard to see why with so many great and quality products available to choose from.

Hair masks by L'Oreal are designed to restore the natural beauty and shine to your hair, no matter how you’ve been treating it. Using a hair mask once a week helps to keep your hair hydrated and protected against the onslaught of chemicals and heat that you’re likely applying to it every day. If you suffer from dry hair and hair breakage, then oil-based treatments by L'Oreal can help to repair individual strands and restore the natural proteins within them. L'Oreal caters to all hair types from very damaged hair to lightly damaged hair as well as providing a range of products designed to stop your hair from getting damaged in the first place. Use a combination of L'Oreal’s daily shampoo and conditioner range as well as specialist treatments and finish off every style with their range of serums and leave-in conditioners. 


What is the best L'Oreal foundation?

The experts at L'Oreal know that most people spend more time trying to choose the right tone of foundation that they forget about the quality of the foundation type they are using and whether it actually works for their skin type. To help us all choose the right kind of foundation type, they have tailored their product range for people looking for smooth and even coverage and who suffer from dry skin; for people who suffer from oily skin, and for those of us who struggle with a combination skin that can often change and fluctuate throughout the month, the seasons and even our moods.

For people with dry skin, L'Oreal recommends using a liquid foundation designed to go on smoothly without sticking and drawing attention to flaky and dry skin. Using a foundation makeup brush, you can achieve a smooth and even coverage with a liquid foundation that will actively hide your dry patches.

If you have naturally oily skin and you’re concerned about that dreaded shiny look you can sometimes get with liquid foundations, L'Oreal suggests their range of dry powder foundations. Powder foundations can be tricky to get the hang of but with the right brush and plenty of practice you can achieve an even coverage that has that perfect matte and blended finish that you’re looking for.

Cream foundations generally work best for people with combination skin types and they usually come in stick form making them even more simple to apply and to store. This is particularly handy while you’re travelling as a stick foundation can slip easily into your toiletries bag with everything else and can be applied directly to your face from the stick. You can cut down on foundation brushes and beauty blenders which means there’s more room for other stuff in your luggage.

L'Oreal even caters to people with sensitive skin types with a range of foundations made to be fragrance-free and oil-free. They’re less likely to react with sensitive skin and won’t increase the oil on your face, reducing the chance of a shiny finish.

Foundation actually comes in two steps, not just one, so you’ll also need a foundation finish. People with dry skin should opt for a dewy finish that promotes softness and a light, hydrated look. Matte foundation finishers are ideal for people with oily skin as this will dull any unwanted shininess while a demi-matte finish will usually suit those with combination skin types.


How to use L'Oreal hair colour at home?

L'Oreal are hair care experts and along with their hair maintenance and repair products, they also have a complete range of colourants for use at home. They are quick and easy to use, designed to offer a range of effects and coverage types and they’re a lot more affordable than regular salon trips. At the end of the day, however, you’ll still be using a lot of chemicals so ensuring that you know how to use L'Oreal colour safely will help reduce the chance of any accidents or bad hair days afterward.

L'Oreal recommends that you always carry out a quick patch test on your hair before completely dying it with the colourant that you have chosen. If you’ve never used a home dye kit before then you may not know if you are sensitive to the chemicals included in the kit. A patch test is completed by choosing a small patch of skin and applying the hair dye directly to it. Ideally, you’ll want to do this about 48 hours before dying your hair to ensure that you don’t have any kind of reaction.

Although it seems obvious to state, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come in the box to ensure that you’re dying your hair correctly. If you have used a box dye kit before then you may be tempted to just do what you remembered doing before. Each dye kit, however, can be slightly different so to avoid any accidents, read through the instructions carefully before you start so you know what step is coming up and you have everything prepared ahead of time.

Another seemingly obvious tip but worth remembering is to use the gloves that come with the box. We absorb a lot of chemicals through our skin so minimising your direct contact will help to ensure that you remain safe. It will also help to ensure that you don’t have dyed hands!

Always make sure that your scalp is nice and healthy before you use a home dye kit. Ensure that there are no cuts or scrapes and that your scalp isn’t sunburnt or otherwise sensitive before applying the dye.


What are the must-have L'Oreal products?

The L'Oreal range is extensive, covering everything from nail polish to lipsticks and everything in between. L'Oreal has all of your beauty needs to be covered so search our online selection of L'Oreal and stock up on everything you need.


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