Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 2 August 2016 

Where do we run when times get tough? To the hills? To the sea? To find our dragons? No! To that which will never leave us or treat our woes lightly. To lipstick we must run, its smooth embrace will have it all sorted in a jiffy.

Better than any lover! And of course every self-respecting set of lips knows what colour holds the power to command armies, well, the power to command the morning routine, washing and commute. 

Red; gorgeous, terrifying and awe inspiring. Oh, and its fabulous cousin, pink. They’ve long secured dreams, held up bridges and swarmed our eyes on Valentine ’s Day. They’re the colour of love, the colour of passion and it darn well makes a fiercely fabulous lip shade.


Give us more LIP!

A bold, formidable and sensational colour, we thought it high time we pay homage to this illustrious force. Shiseido to Maybelline, L.A. Girl to L’Oréal, the juggernauts of the cosmetic world have poured their founts of creativity into tubes of colour that have the power to make Mars burn all the brighter and your Brazilian helicopter pilot lover to have a dizzy spell.



Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

If the sun were to shine its brightest on an orchard of a thousand cherry trees, the glow and sheen wouldn’t even come close to the enthralling magic that Shiseido has given to us mortals in the vial of Lacquer Rouge. They’ve made the marriage of reddy-pink work out incredibly well, a bliss we hadn’t experienced up until now but have been craving these long years! Mwa Shiseido, we kiss you and our lips pay homage. You and those cherry trees are just divine.  






LA Girl USA Glazed Lip Paint

L to the A to the glam, glam, glam. We’re so sold, it’s a dunk and slam. Yuss, yuss, yuss. LA Girl is so much goodness and gloss and gorgeousness, we are most DEFINITELY partying in the USA. Miley has been telling us for seven years, sure we bopped our heads, but did we truly, utterly, gloriously believe it? Bringing the boss, LA Girl has brought the reality to our lips and we gotta put our hands up in the air, those butterflied fly away, one pout, then two and you’ll be feeling just fine. Ktnxloveyabye Miley.




Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick Mat 5

Maybelline you gifted, East coast phenomena you. We know you have NY wrapped around your little finger and we know we’re next in line. We were fine with our lipstick stash, surely we didn’t need another one and then, there it was, the Mat 5, red. Simple, elegant and smart, Mat 5 brings the hydrated feel right along with a vibrant colour. The galaxy and all its stars is saying, baby paleez, stahp trying to rival my colours but Maybelline, the glamour pioneer that it is keeps right on dazzling.






Maybelline Very Cranberry

The sun is descending, the beach, it is quiet, the waves, they are lightly ebbing on the shore, Massimo has gone off to find the coconut water you’ve been craving. All seems perfect. But what is missing? There’s just a niggle in the back of your mind. That’s right, it suddenly dawns on your as Massimo sprints up the beach, glazed bottle in hand, Maybelline’s very cranberry super stay. It has been a hectic day and tomorrow in Rome will be no different. With up to 24hr wear and no-transfer lipcolour, Maybelline and it’s very cranberry will bring the colour to your lips and it will stay there.




L'Oreal Shine Caresse Lipcolor Marilyn

Oh of course we’ve just jet setted back from our two day jaunt in Paris…Ok, ok, maybe we’ve just woken up from our 2 minute day dream to Paris but we’ve woken to a gem that’ll at least bring that sparkle of that lit city to us. L’Oreal’s Marilyn is an elegant pink, a soft and light finish to a pastel look. Less heavy than a lipstick yet retaining its longwear, Marilyn is the delightful convenience of glamour and simplicity.







LA Girl USA Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

We’ve found it. If Lucy Liu were to be a lipstick. This. Is. The. One. Velvet, Matte and Red. Gliding on with effortless confidence to deliver a passionate and controlled edge. You commandeth your home, progeny, daily commute and tax return with utmost authority, ease and flair, why not have your lips dressed accordingly? 







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