Regenerate your youthful complexion in 28 days with Olay

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 9 March 2018 

Olay Regenerist Micro Scultping Cream, the most advanced, award-winning, best-selling Regenerist and anti-ageing cream, is just $21.95! Don't pay $48.99!


When it comes to skincare solutions, magical hair treatments or any sort of miracle-working wonder product, I am the most impatient customer out there.

Of course, I know that a lot of these products must be used religiously for any sort of result to become noticeable, but I’m out here expecting fabulous, porcelain doll-like skin after one night of use.

Us ladies are busy critters and we can’t waste our time using a product for weeks on end to see if they’ll eventually end up working. We want to know what we’re working toward. We want to know when our face should start looking like a Snapchat filter come-to-life.



This is why an impatient lass like me loves products like the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. Olay have put this bad boy to the test to tell us exactly what to expect and look forward to on which particular days.

So, if the fact that this cream is Olay’s most advanced, award-winning, best-selling regenerist and anti-ageing cream hasn’t already won you over, this is what you can expect from the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream



Day 1


After your first day of morning and night use, you should be able to notice a reduced appearance of fine lines.

Your skin would have also been given a boost of hydration from the amino-peptide complex and should feel and look smoother and brighter.

This cream provides exfoliation to instantly reveal smoother skin and then works deep within the skin’s surface layers to refine pores and reveal a smoother texture overall.

If you’re wondering how all of this is possible in just one day, OliveM (containing olive-oil extract), accelerates ingredient penetration into the skin so that you can get all those nourishing ingredients exactly where they need to go, pronto.



Day 14


Two weeks later, your skin should evidently look and feel firmer with improved elasticity.

Highly concentrated amino-peptide complex and actives renew the cells of the skin surface to create a plumper and firmer, deeply hydrated complexion.  

To further encourage the plumping, firming and lifting properties of this cream, make sure you gently massage the product in an upward circular motion, focusing on the area above the brows and the jaw line.



Day 28


By day 28, you should be at your peak of skin transformation.

By this time, you should be able to see a reduction of up to 10 year’s worth of wrinkles, which is insane for such a short time frame!

The moisturising ingredients that have been penetrating the skin’s surface for those 28 days plump and refresh the skin’s appearance, whilst also decreasing the depth of lines and wrinkles. Hydra-firming complex promotes and retains a youthful complexion by improving the skin’s elasticity and amino-peptide complex renews the skin’s surface cells, ridding you of any dullness that’s keeping your skin from being at its absolute best.



Embark on your skin-transformation and get the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream for $21.95 by clicking here!

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