Review: The BYS Eyeliner Stamp

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 21 August 2018 

Is the winged eyeliner stamp as revolutionary as beauty gurus claim them to be? Read Dani's review and see whether the secret to even and perfected winged liner is for you.


What’s harder than trying to perfect your wing? Trying to replicate it on the other eye.

This struggle is the exact reason why a product like the eyeliner stamp is so popular.

If a small makeup tool can give us the same wing on each eye, saving us time, stress and tears, then we’re sold. But do they really work?

BYS have come out with their very own eyeliner stamp called the Wing Magic Perfect Wing Liner Stamp. It retails for $4.95 and comes in two sizes – medium for a casual day-time look and large for a dramatic cat eye.

I gave this beauty tool a whirl, trying it on two different occasions. Once at home to try and get a feel for the product and another when I was just about to head out for the day, so the stakes were pretty high!


Instagram credit: billionvibes


Attempt #1 – At home


When I realised that I needed to paint the stamp with my own liquid liner, I purchased a different one as the one I usually use is quick drying. I feared that it would dry in the time between painting the stamp and applying it to my face. 

I had a go at positioning the stamp to see where I would need to press it down and thought that the inner corner should fit inside the V-shaped gap. Boy, was I wrong!

I ended up with a wing that was way too low and cut into my lower lash line. Hello panda eyes!

I fixed it up by smoking out the lower lash line with an eyeliner pencil so it was passable, but even so, #notcute.


Not ideal ...


Attempt #2 – Going out


On the day of my second attempt, I had just finished my makeup look and was about to head out the door to go and see a musical. Theatre folk are always well-groomed, so panda eyes would not cut it today!

This time, I decided to line up the lower tip of the eyeliner stamp with my outer corner and that made a world of difference.

Although I still had to complete the line and fill in some sparse areas that didn’t stamp properly, the end result was pretty great!


Instagram credit: nikebehavior


Final thoughts


1. This product is excellent for someone who struggles to get their wings right. Just make sure you’ve played around with positioning beforehand so that you get a feel for what works for your eye. Remember, all eyes are shaped differently, and one size doesn’t always fit all!

2. Just like when you normally apply liquid liner, keep your hands steady! Your stamp could easily slip and slide so be sure to take it slow. Beauty takes time! 

3. Even though this product sorts out your wing, which is probably the hardest part of liquid liner application, you still need to match up your wing with the rest of the eye and line as usual so you still need some level of skill with liquid liner. Check out our guide on how to apply liquid liner if you need to!



Try the BYS Wing Magic Perfect Wing Liner Stamp for yourself and let us know what you think of it!

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