Revive your hair for spring

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 28 September 2018 

Bad winter hair days begone! Restore dry and tired-looking locks in time for spring with these unique and trusty hair care products.


After months of the cold winter air sucking the life out of our hair, it’s crucial that we take some time out of our day to treat our thirsty locks with a nourishing mask or restorative treatment.

If you want your luscious mane to shine and bounce around with new life and buoyancy this spring, consider slotting one or more of these awesome products into your hair-care routine.



L’Oreal Hair Expertise Ultra Rich Precious Oil Mist

$5.95 (RRP $17.95) 


This precious oil mist from L’Oreal is a quick and easy way to make your hair look shinier and feel stronger.

The mist instantly conditions the hair and imparts a luminous shine to each and every hair layer, fully repairing and strengthening each lock of hair with a few quick spritzes.

The luxurious, 100% sulphate-free formula contains a blend of nourishing botanical oils that work to restore and protect dry, dull or damaged hair.  



L’Occitane Mandacaru Hydrated Curls Leave In Treatment



Curly haired girls can now wear their hair down with their favourite spring dress without having to worry about that birds-nest frizz thanks to this hydrating treatment.

Enriched with Mandacaru extract from Caatinga, this nourishing treatment reduces frizz to help your curly hair nice and defined.

This wonderful formula from L’Occitane Au Bresil leaves the hair soft, flexible and easy to style, keeping your curls groomed and perfected for some gorgeous spring ‘dos.



Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Scalp Therapy Serum For Unbalanced Scalps

$6.95 (RRP $12.95)


Whenever we experience extreme weather conditions, it can really throw off our skin. If you’re not a beanie-loving gal, it can throw off your scalp too.

If the cold weather has messed up your scalp in some way, either making it feel sensitive and irritated, or perhaps producing more oil than usual, you may want to give your scalp a bit of a rebalancing treatment.

The Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy Serum works to ease irritation, sensitivity and excess oil through the use of ingredients such as panthenol, glycerine and anti-bacterial agents such as Vitamin B3, an ingredient that works to actively nurture the scalp.

This silicone-free serum was formulated specifically for sensitive scalps and hair follicles to strengthen, protect and restore the hair and scalp.  



If you have any specific hair dramas that need fixing, check out our Hair Concerns section to find remedies for damage, excess oil, frizz, split ends and more.

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