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Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 11 September 2018 

Londoners and lovers of the spa experience, Sanctuary Spa is back with their exclusive selections of rejuvenating skincare treatments - only this time, you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Shop now and experience true London luxury today!


If you’re a true Londoner in your early twenties to late forties, you would at some point in your life dreamed of experiencing one of the famed and luxurious skincare and body treatments from Sanctuary Spa.

And although Sanctuary Spa has since closed down, the company remains a London favourite and frequently delivers their successful collections of replenishing skincare products for hardworking women around the world.



For almost forty years, Sanctuary Spa has gained a massive cult following with a proud history behind them. Sanctuary Spa opened in 1977 during a crucial time when there was a significant influx of working women in the corporate environment. Which meant, an increased number of stressed women and much needed pampering!

Located in Covent Garden, London’s bustling and popular entertainment area, and situated close to the Royal Opera House, Sanctuary Spa transformed into a popular recreational spot for dancers and famous actresses to unwind, recover and experience the most luxurious formulations and treatments imaginable.

So when this beloved spa closed down in 2014, you could have imagined the heartbreak and uproar among the spa goers and bath and beauty lovers.

Yet all is not lost! If you’re interested in appreciating one (or three!) of Sanctuary Spa's renowned treatments yourself, you’re in luck.


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Today, the beauty company continues to remain a fast favourite and persistently creates affordable, deliciously scented and vegan-friendly bath, beauty and skincare products for women in the UK. Realising their motto #LetGo applies to all women and not just actresses and socialites, the brand turned to the success of online shopping and has expanded to unimaginable heights.

Their once exclusive selections of rejuvenating body butters, invigorating precious oils and natural skincare alternatives are now readily available for hardworking women who prefer to pamper and luxuriate in the comfort of their own homes. This includes their extremely popular Indulgent Sanctuary Spa Range from 1988. The same cutting-edge formulations and ingredients you only dreamed of putting on your skin can now be accessed with one push of a button!

And it doesn’t stop there.

From Lily & Damask Rose infused body scrubs, polishing and brightening cleansers to featherweight body butters of citrus and orange blossom, you have the chance to experience the same high-end, pamper-worthy spa treatments that British actresses constantly blog about.


Instagram credit: sanctuaryspa and ewelina_blachut


Start shopping from our selection of nourishing Sanctuary Spa products here and Love, Live and #LetGo!

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