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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 1 October 2018 

We say Yes To innovative and easy skincare formulations that only use of natural ingredients. See why Yes To deserves our recognition on the skincare pedestal.


There are some things in life that you should always say ‘yes’ to. Grandma’s hugs, puppy smooches and of course, one last slice of cake.

And you should always say ‘yes’ to is skincare, because skincare equals self-care and you deserve it. 

Yes To offer innovative and effective skincare solutions that are made up of nutrient-rich natural ingredients.

Yes To believe that you should be saying ‘yes’ to natural ingredients. Skincare products that don’t believe in compromise. Tailored, targeted and tested formulas that are easy to use and work a charm.

Jam packed with skin-loving fruits and veggies, these formulas pin-point and correct specific skincare problems in the form of cleansers, moisturisers and several different types of masks.  

Paraben, petroleum, phthalate and SLS free, this non-animal-tested, award winning brand can be found in over 27,000 stores internationally - and now, at Cosmetic Capital.



Combination and/or acne-prone skin? Say ‘yes’ to tomatoes


Tomato’s astringent properties make them excellent for correcting combination skin. Tomatoes boost antioxidant levels with a high amount of Vitamin C that is known to brighten skin.

Whilst the Yes To Tomatoes range offers a selection of masks and treatments for acne-prone skin, you should start with the basics and lock down an excellent cleanser first.

The Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser ($14.99) is a creamy, deeply purifying cleanser that clears imperfections and prevents breakouts before they have a chance to occur. This heavy-duty cleanser unites tomato extract with charcoal, salicylic acid and jojoba beads to give problem skin a powerful overhaul. 



Dry skin? Say ‘yes’ to coconut


Coconut is deeply nourishing and helps hydrate dry, itchy skin.

By far the most versatile product in the Yes To Coconut range has to be the Yes To Coconut Moisturising Coconut Oil Stick ($14.99). If you’re out and about in your new spring dress and your knees are looking a little dry, this easy-to-use, mess-free moisturising stick is bound to do the trick.



Sensitive skin? Say ‘yes’ to cucumber


Naturally cooling and wonderfully soothing, cucumber helps to calm irritated skin.

The Yes To Cucumber range includes a bunch of different products for alleviating facial redness and puffiness.

If your eye area specifically needs some attention, try the Yes To Cucumber 2-Step Buh Bye Bags & Dark Circles Eye Kit ($7.99). This 2-step system includes two paper under-eye masks and an eye treatment cream to diminish puffiness, smooth the skin and brighten the undereye area, combining the benefits of cucumber with caffeine and evodia fruit.



Dull, uneven skin? Say ‘yes’ to grapefruit


Aside from being delicious, grapefruit helps to reduce shine whilst maintaining and promoting a bright complexion.

Give your skin a burst of radiance with the Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Mud Mask ($5.99).

This quick 5-10 minute mud mask from the Yes To Grapefruit range uses grapefruit and pink kaolin clay to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and provide gentle exfoliation, leaving you with a clear, balanced complexion.



What are you saying ‘yes’ to? Shop Yes To now!

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