Are silicone sponges better than beauty blenders?

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 7 June 2017 

Silicone sponge or a beauty blender- Both so different but deliver fantastic coverage and results. See which one is right for you.


The beauty world has been abuzz with blending sponges of all colours, shapes and sizes ever since they exploded onto the scene not too long ago. They’re versatile, comfortable to use and let you blend to perfection. These days, almost all makeup lovers swear by these interestingly shaped sponges.

But could the rise of the silicone sponge be the demise of the beauty blenders we know and love?

Hundreds of online beauty gurus such as NikkieTutorials and Jeffree Star have gushed over silicone sponges but nobody could have predicted just how popular they were going to become.

But the question is, why has this strange sponge that seriously resembles a breast implant broken the internet and shook the beauty community? 



Firstly, they’re cost-efficient


The non-porous surface of the silicone sponge means that there’s no product absorption and therefore, no product wastage.

Regular blending sponges may give you flawless coverage, but you find yourself pumping more and more product onto the sponge. This is because the sponge itself is absorbing most of it.

With the silicone sponge, you won’t require half as much product to achieve the same results. Think of how much money you’ll be saving in the long run. Kaching!

(Let’s be real, you’ll be using the extra cash to buy more makeup. Don’t worry, we get you!)


Secondly, they’re much more hygienic than regular beauty blenders


Have you ever finished admiring the makeup look you created to then look down at your blending sponge and be repulsed by how dirty it looked? Regular sponges may blend beautifully but those suckers are a pain to keep clean!

Silicone sponges can be cleaned in the matter of seconds with a simple wash in soap and water. Plus, they dry a lot quicker and last longer.


So what’s better?


The silicone sponge was targeted at professional makeup artists as they require less time consuming cleaning methods than regular blending sponges. However, it does takes longer to create a flawless finish.

With a blending sponge, you are constantly dabbing and blending the product as you go. However, the silicone sponge requires you to gently slide the product back and forth across the skin before tapping the sponge to blend.

Having said that, once you do tap the sponge, the magic is revealed. The flawless, airbrushed finish is totally worth the wait.


The verdict


As with all makeup products, the decision is ultimately made by you. It all comes down to what you’re most comfortable with and what exactly you’re after.

We all love our beauty blenders but it’s only a matter of time before these secret silicone beauty weapons sneak their way into everyone’s makeup bag!

So I think you take the plunge and give the silicone sponge a spin!


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