Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted:3 May 2017 

Playing around with different eyeshadows and makeup looks is super fun! There are so many diverse pigments and finishes; just thinking about it makes my heart flutter and my wallet cry.

But which eyeshadows truly make your eye colour stand out?

Some might assume the answer is a smokey eye or glittered pigments to draw attention to the eye area.


But the truth is, the key is in the colours.


The central idea is that opposites attract and contrasting colours bring out specific parts of the iris. This may be confusing when looking at a standard colour wheel and trying to apply it to makeup.

So don't worry, we’ve done the work for you, broken down the facts, busted those myths, and matched eye colours with their ideal, most complimentary eyeshadow quads. No need to thank us!

The eyeshadow quads we’re talking about are LA Girl’s Eye Lux Eyeshadows. These convenient quads have every colour you’ll need for a complete look and a gorgeous gradient. These shadows have a combination of finishes, are luxuriously smooth, long-lasting and richly pigmented.

There are 16 beautiful quads in the range, but if you really want to get the ones that are certain to make your eyes pop, just keep on reading.




Blue Eyes


Because blue eyes are already so dazzling and bright, neutral colours will bring out their clarity. A quad like Privatise would be ideal.

If you want to bring out the vibrancy and luminosity of the blue colour, go for warm golds and browns. The Optimize palette is excellent for bringing out the glint of the eye without being too distracting.  


Grey Eyes


Misty cool-toned shades compliment grey eyes stunningly; especially silvery blue colours. That's why the Polarize palette is optimal for bringing out the beauty of uniquely grey eyes.




Green Eyes


Warm neutrals and autumn colours truly bring out the striking, vivid nature of green eyes.

To brighten, go for the bronzed, neutral approach, and try Harmonize.

To truly bring out the colour, go for warm, natural red tones, like Sensualize and true, autumn cranberry shades like Hypnotize.



Hazel Eyes


How do you highlight eyes that are already so exotic? Mauves and warm neutrals accentuate the colour and emphasize any light flecks.

For a magnificent mauve look, play around with Fantasize.

If a golden neutral is more your cup of tea (or pot of gold!), use Idolize.


Brown Eyes


When it comes to brown eyes, the brighter and bolder, the better. Rich, vibrant purples and spirited blues are your best friends.

Tropicalize and Tranquilize incorporate the most captivating blues and warm neutrals for blending.

If you like the sounds of an alluring purple look, Glamorize is no less than perfect.



Come see the full range of LA Girl’s Eye Lux Eyeshadow quads here!

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