The best way to apply L'Oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 1 July 2018 

Learn all the tips and tricks on correct concealer application using L'Oreal's illuminating and anti-ageing Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer.


Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or someone who enjoys using cosmetics, concealer is a girl’s best friend. A concealer that can deliver full coverage and rid the face of ugly dark circles, wrinkles and skin pigmentation is an absolute must.

This week, we’re giving a shout out to our new product The L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer.



What makes this concealer special?


If you’re looking for a concealer that’s easy-to-use, lightweight, non-greasy and provides buildable even coverage while delivering hydrated even and flawless skin, than The L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer is for you.  

This click-pen style concealer includes:

- SPF20 for sun protection around the sensitive skin around the eyes (UV rays are the No.1 cause for aging)

- Infused with an innovative Visible Lift Serum designed to even bumpy and rough skin

- Lightweight, blendable and hydrating formula for smoother, brighter and flawless skin

- Mixed with anti-aging ingredients to minimise the appearance of large pores and fine lines

- Illuminates and corrects the skin without setting into the wrinkles around the eyes

- Acts as a double treatment - includes anti-aging ingredients as well as sun protection properties

- Comes with a soft, tapered synthetic corrector brush for precise and easy application – blended through fingers, light blending brush or sponge

- Dries as a satiny matte finish

- Delivers buildable medium to full coverage for a number of looks

- Fragrance free, creamy, fluid texture

- Formulas designed to blend and match the true colour of your skin tone

- Infused with antioxidants, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for smoother skin

- Includes cap to avoid brush from drying out



How to apply the L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Concealer correctly


Under the eyes



Using the tapered brush, dab 3 – 5 dots under the eyes (where dark circles are present). The level of coverage depends on the number of dots you paint on your face. A good tip is to focus on the inner corners of your eyes.

Using the brush, lightly spread the dots of concealer under the eyes for a more distributed application

Use the pads of your fingers or a small beauty blending brush to gently pat the concealer into the skin. Take care not to smear, tug or drag the skin under the eyes as this encourages the concealer to seep into the creases of your eyes

Avoid applying the concealer around the outer corners of the eyes as this increases the appearance of crow’s feet

Finally, use your favourite finishing powder to set the Visible Serum Concealer for a long lasting finish


On the nose



Apply 3 – 4 concealer dots a few millimetres away from the creases of your nose.

Use your ring or middle finger to lightly pat the concealer into the creases of and around the noise.

Finish off with a setting powder.

If you’re prone to oily skin around the T-section, we advise applying the powder using a damp sponge for an even distribution. We also suggest using a setting powder that dries matte or has a ‘drier’ oil-absorbing consistency. Throughout the day, concealer will turn dark due to the skin’s natural oil production.

Find your perfect shade of L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer – available in Fair, Light and Medium.

We also stock a variety of high-quality top notch setting powders and blending brushes to finish off your concealer.


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