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Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 14 August 2018 

Uh-oh. Did you miss your mother's birthday? We know how you feel. Enjoy the gift giving experience without worrying about price or present choice with a selection of our personalised gift sets.


Ahh present shopping. Whether you’re after Christmas presents, niche gift boxes, birthday presents for mum and dad, birthday presents for your boyfriend, get well presents, celebratory gifts or whatnot. We can all agree that finding the right present for someone is the most stressful thing in the world.

At Cosmetic Capital, you can finally enjoy the gift giving experience without the hassle of worrying if you’re significant other would prefer cologne over a new electrical shaver. We’ve created several exclusive emergency gift packs (and a gift box!) filled to the brim with special goodies that are bound to get you on the good side of your bestie, loved one or family member.


Find the perfect pressie below!



Makeup Essentials Pack


So you’re best friend’s a budding beauty guru? The Makeup Essentials Pack is filled with all kinds of makeup goodies and special tools imaginable.

From Vanity Planet’s professional range of makeup brushes, a flexible brush cleaner, a 12 colour eyeshadow palette from BYS to whole load of sponge applicators, this gift pack will have your bestie well on her way to becoming the next Nikkie Tutorials!



Sorry I Missed Your Birthday Pack


Oh dear … you missed someone’s birthday. Well it happens! This gift pack is a great way to mend a relationship without obviously (or aggressively) showering someone with affection and apologies.

The Sorry I Missed Your Birthday Pack comes with J.Cat Beauty’s famous BLVD 24 eyeshadow palette, two of Sukin’s popular skincare products and a revolutionary GlowSpin Facial Cleansing System from Vanity Planet.

And of course, a wine glass (that fits the whole bottle!) because what better way to apologise than with a large glass of red!



Ultimate Spa Pamper Pack


Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing at-home spa day after a long working week?

Whether the Ultimate Spa Pamper Pack is for mum, a friend or for the most important person (... you!), you’ll adore the assortment of sweet smelling rainbow bath bombs and crystal soaps, vegan botanical body washes from Sukin and Vanity Planet’s deep exfoliating Spa System.



Charcoal Skincare Pamper Pack


Pampered skin leads to happy, healthy skin.

Since we’re all about the latest beauty crazes, you’re going to love our activated Charcoal Skincare Pamper Pack. Inside, you’ll find several enriching and anti-oxidising soaps, foot packs, nose strips and detoxing facial masks from Xpel Body Care, all of which are made from safe and natural charcoal.

Your skin will thank you!



The Man Cave Pack


We know that purchasing gifts for the men in your life is hard, but they deserve some love too.

The Man Cave Pack includes a specialised teeth whitening system, a rejuvenating scalp massager, sensitive skin shaving gel from Palmolive, as well as a refreshing body scrub from Xpel Body Care – great presents to ensure your significant other remains healthy and happy.

Also, we’re adding a Hershey’s chocolate bar in there because who doesn’t want chocolate?!



Decadent Date Box


The secret to a successful date is the preparation. We’ve got all the essential tools needed to keep the attention on you, from Maybelline’s flirty lip colours, a high-definition primer from LA Girl, the incredible Berries eyeshadow palette from BYS plus scented candles to set the right kind of ambience.

We're even throwing in a pack of Big Red cinnamon gum for that sassy look you're after.

And if the date ends in tears, we've put in a bar of Hershey’s chocolate to help with your mandatory Netflix sessions!



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