Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 5 October 2016 


NYX: n. \(niks)/ Goddess of the night

Mmmhmm and do they deliver.

NYX are pretty much the BFFs of the beauty world. They started small, operating in the city of the Angelos and grew organically.

That means they grew listening to the comments, needs and critiques of you and I, aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts who didn’t need another makeup brand that was going to break the bank and under deliver.

While NYX started teeny, they started right and they grew to serve the beauty community. They have been tried and tested by thousands upon thousands of beauty experts across the globe and now, well, they’re adored and cherished.

For very good reasons.



We LOVE THEM – because?

They are ON TREND:

NYX looks and listens to the trends that are coming from the people, from Instagram and social media. They are quite to create products that hit the spot aesthetically and practically. For them it’s all about relevance, the finish and feel.

Makeup must look good. Makeup must feel good. And, makeup should darn well stay looking good for as long as you need it to.

NYX does all this. And then some.




Yup. NYX seems to have broken the colour spectrum and come up with colours and shades we’ve never seen before. From the dulcet dark purples that Kylie Jenner has been flaunting to the pastel pink bombshell of a colour that Selena Gomez pouts so well, they’ve got every shade and mood we could ever have, covered.




They’re SUPER PIGMENTED. We cannot actually describe how pigmented they are, so here, of course, a selfie ... They’re STAYING power rivals that of Bieber fans outside a ticket office opening weeks before. Nothing will budge them both.



They are bold, they are bad-ass and they will be your new obsession. They can be found in just about any colour under the sun, from your boss reds to whimsical lilacs, they are fabulously packaged and can fit in the tiniest nook of space you have free in your hand bag. Just looking at them is the biggest pick-me-up.




They are so charming, Leonardo DiCaprio would have really struggled to tear Rose’s eyes away from them. ‘Pinched’ in particular, ummmm, ‘hello my forever friend’ you are just gorgeous beyond compare. I will hold you to my cheek + put you on, for the rest of our lives.




Lovely, fun colours abound with these gems. Ready to bedazzle up your look for Halloween or go with a new edge, bronze, lilac, green, pale pink and the ol’ black are ready to adorn your eyes. 



Come see the full NYX range here!

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