Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 9 May 2017 

That time of year when we bust out the doonas and crank up the heater is quickly approaching. But once you see the amazing nail polishes we believe will dominate this season, you’re going to want to brave it and leave your gloves at home.

So arm yourself with your beanies, scarves and coats and warm up this chilly season with these fiery hot, positively gorgeous colours that are in season this winter.


Delve into a daring darkness …


Year in and year out, dark, haunting colours are never a wrong choice in winter.

Essie’s Midnight Cami is the perfect, elegant late-night blue that captivates and enchants.

If purple polishes are your preference, try Viking In A Vinter Vonderland by OPI. It’s a deep, dazzling shade that will have you feeling like absolute royalty.



Bring back the brightness!


Just because the thermometer says that it’s cold doesn’t mean we can’t retain the warm themes of summer and spring shades. Besides, high-contrast colours are in this season!

Consider a bold and beautiful magenta shade like Essie’s Flowerista or a stunning plum/pink such as Kiss Me-Or Elf! by OPI (I’m in love with this one, just sayin’).

If you’re more into the timeless winter shades but still want to go for something bold and bright, a classic red never fails. For the chilly season, I recommend Shall We Chalet by Essie. 


Neutrals are the new black


You may be more of a neutral nail person and that’s A-O.K.! When it comes to neutral, monochromatic shades, we tend to want to reach for the blackest black we can get out hands on because that’s what we’ve been encouraged to do for years. However, greys and neutral shades have recently become more popular and they’re just as classy and just as glamorous.

For a pure, light grey, go for Revlon’s Timeless. If you’re more into brown neutrals, L’Oreal’s Timeless Taupe is for you.

If you’re keen to go down a neutral route but still want an element of colour, try a military green like Essie’s Power Clutch or a graceful mauve like Revlon’s Naughty.



Trendy Textures


This year is all about playing around with different finishes. The metallic trend is still all the rage. But why stop there? Experiment with different textures!

For a killer shattered nail look that’s perfect for winter, paint your nails a dark, charcoal grey and top it off with OPI’s Red or Super Bass Purple shatter nail lacquer.

If the shattered look doesn’t do it for you, carry on with the military greens and add an interesting magnetic twist with Essie’s Crocadilly nail polish.



So, which nail colour will you be rocking this winter?

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