The hottest new palettes from BYS that has the world talking

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 26 July 2017 

As most of you would already know, BYS totally slays the game when it comes to palettes.

We didn’t think they could possibly out do themselves – but they totally have!

BYS has brought out some exciting new palettes that we’re simply bursting to share with you guys because we know you’re going to adore them just as much as we do!


And we have a very special promotion on them too. Just keep reading to find out!



BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette


Okay guys, let’s be real. It’s the tail end of winter and it’s absolutely freezing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring summer back for a little while and reminisce about the way the sun’s rays hit you, warming up your soul from within?

As my fingertips freeze while I write this, I gaze at this radiant palette and feel exactly that.

The peach-toned shades in this palette are absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for adding a beautiful and inviting warmth to your eyes.

Warm shades like the ones included in this palette really do compliment every skin tone and liven up the face. If you’ve never tried these types of colours, this palette is an excellent way to get you started as it has the perfect balance between subtle and bolder shades for when you feel like experimenting.



BYS Cosmic Eyeshadow Palette


If your jaw has never dropped at the sight of an eye-catching eyeshadow palette, I’m pretty sure it has now!

These pigments are completely out of this world ... hence the name.

The Cosmic palette is perfect for all those daring trend-setters out there and is an absolute must for any party looks.

Don’t be too caught off by the fluorescent shades, however! A range of neutral matte and metallic shades have been included in the palette to help soften and blend shades if their brightness isn’t necessarily for you. This will leave you with a captivating gradient that beats any nebula in the galaxy!  



BYS Violet Eyeshadow Palette


The Violet palette is perfect for creating a stunningly crafted, smouldering eyeshadow look.

With both metallic and matte finishes, such daring colours are easily blended together to create a look that’s nothing less than enchanting!

If you’re a brown or hazel eyed beauty, this palette is going to make your eyes shine like never before!

If you feel like you can’t pull off a bold purple or a bright pink, the selection of matte shades in this palette are quite subtle, excellent for a soft and feminine wash of colour that will brighten up the face and warm up the eye area.



BYS Highlight Palette


You didn’t think I was going to forget the glow, did you? That would be unforgiveable!

This highlighting palette is a must-have! It has all the standard highlighting shades you could ever need from natural beige colours to a blushing pale pink, a glorious gold and a glowing bronze.

Perfect for completing a contour, strobing or wearing alone for a natural shimmer, these highlighting powders and creams make you look as if you’re radiating from within. Love!



And now for our special pressie for you!


Because we adore all of you so much, we have a very special, very limited time offer.

When you buy two BYS eyeshadow palettes, you will get a FREE BYS Synthetic Blending Brush!

If I were to ask you to recall the most recurrent words in any beauty-based article or makeup tutorial, I’m almost certain that ‘blend’ would be one of them. It’s understandable since most makeup products out there require a substantial amount of blending.

That’s why a good blending brush is a must!

The Synthetic Blending Brush from BYS is brilliant for seamlessly layering eyeshadows, diffusing harsh lines and defining particular areas. It’s great for dusting colours all over the eyes and its round, domed shaping allows you to really intensify the crease and define the eye’s outer-V precisely and evenly.

Synthetic bristles retain less product than natural hairs which is why they are the better option when it comes to applying liquid or cream products. So feel free to use this blending brush with any cream pigments you may have!

The shape and size of the brush head is great for highlighting the brow bone, cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow and is also excellent for nose contouring.

This blending brush has a very comfortable, slender handle and its bristles are pleasantly gentle for safe use on the sensitive eye area. 



But be quick. This offer ends at 11.59pm Wednesday 2nd August 2017! 


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