The nail colours from Essie you need this summer

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 15 January 2018 

If the insane Australian heatwave hasn’t given it away already, summer is officially upon us!

It’s the time for surf, sun, sand and a complete style overhaul that embraces the exciting bold colours of summer.

Pack up those dark cocoa’s and mysterious mauves for next winter, ‘cause now it’s time for vibrant neon’s, electric colour and bright pastels.

When it comes to nail polish, it’s no secret that Essie are the masters when it comes to effective formulas and a broad and innovative colour range.

All completely #ontrend too!

Now is the perfect time to experiment with the fun, statement-making polishes Essie have to offer!

And at $3.95, you’d be crazy not to mix and match these pretty polishes.

Here are some of our favourite summer-worthy shades you need to pick up before autumn rolls around!



Beach Bum Blu


If you didn’t feel like taking a dip in the pool or hitting up the nearest beach, I’m sure you do now.

This mesmerising blue just screams summer, from its vibrant pigmentation to its electric blue colouring that embraces the summer surf. Its metallic shine is also reminiscent of the way the ocean glistens when the sun hits it. Love!

Coating your nails with a bright, cool shade like this one will also trick you into feeling cooler on those dreadful 40-degree days. The power of the mind, ladies!



Splash Of Grenadine


Coat your nails with this pretty pink shade for an adorable pop of colour that’s sure to warm the insides.

This flirty colour is perfect for those fun days spent hanging by the pool with your closest girlfriends, as well as those romantic summer nights.

Tell me more, tell me more …



Turquoise & Caicos


This shade is a little subtler but just as appropriate for summer.

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the trees become rich with an abundance of bold green leaves. That’s how you know the warmer weather is approaching.

This polish mimics lush greenery and the way nature beautifully prospers in these warmer months.

Greens can be difficult to pull off, but the pleasant subtlety of this polish makes it delightfully elegant and super wearable.





Here’s another gorgeous subtle shade with a summery twist.

This polish is where yellow, the brightest, most summery shade of them all, meets elegance and sophistication.

This lovely understated yellow has a beautiful opalescent sheen to it making it completely wearable for any occasion and outfit, with the slightest tint of yellow to make this undeniably unique nail-polish totes summer-approved.



Dip that nail brush into some more exciting colours with our entire range of Essie polishes by clicking here!

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