The purpose of clear mascara

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 24 August 2021 

Clear mascara is the secret weapon our lashes love. Here's what you need to know about these amazing products!


Mascara is usually black or brown in colour to help define and dramatise faintly coloured natural lashes.

Some mascaras are even multicoloured with pigments of bright blue and deep purple to give our lashes a unique colour for a costume or music festival.

If pigment is usually so important in mascara, why then does clear mascara exist? What’s the point of it?

Just like all things in makeup, everything has its purpose, and of course, we’re here to help clear the confusion and shine a light on the many uses of clear mascara.

Who knows? Maybe clear mascara will become your new must-have!



#1 It’s essentially a 3-in-1 primer, mascara and top-coat


Clear mascara is the ultimate layering tool.

Coat your bare lashes with clear mascara to separate, define and hold their curl before going in with a regular mascara to prevent any flakes and clumps.

Then once that has dried, go back in with a top-coat to seal your mascara in place, add some shine and stop your mascara from running throughout the day.

The best part? Your lashes will remain separated, clean and defined throughout the entire process. Three coats of a regular mascara and you’d be on your way to spider-town!



#2 It’s perfect for no-makeup makeup looks


Trying to apply a light coating of black mascara is like trying to limit yourself to just one slice of pizza. It simply cannot be done.

Clear mascara will give you that separation, definition and curl without overwhelming your eye look with intense pigmentation.



#3 Panda eyes be gone!


Whether you’re going to the beach with some gal pals or are about to check out the latest rom-com with bae, clear mascara is your best option aside from waterproof mascara.

The best way to avoid panda eyes while still rocking a gorgeous lash look is by using a waterproof mascara on your top lashes and clear mascara on your bottom lashes.



#4 It doubles as an eyebrow gel and a hair gel


If you can’t get your hands-on eyebrow gel and your brows are thick enough without the need for extra tinting, use a clear mascara to keep your brows groomed and set in place.

Similarly, clear mascara is the perfect trick for sealing down any fly-aways and baby hairs.

If School Picture Day is on its way, clear mascara is your secret weapon!



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