The real present Mum wants

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 4 May 2019 

The gift Mum really wants for Mothers Day is a thoughtful, loving card. Shop our selection of quirky cards that show Mum exactly how you feel about her!


You think you have your Mothers Day present sorted and then Sunday May 12 approaches and you realise you forgot one of the most important things. The card!

We get so caught up with the daily grind that it can slip our mind to remind mum how much we love her and how grateful we are for all that she does for us. Cards are the perfect way to put our feelings into words in a medium that she can cherish now and forever.

If you’ve forgotten to snap up a card for Mother’s Day, we have a selection of quirky Mothers Day cards that are sure to put a smile on mum’s dial.

These extra special greeting cards come with super cute greetings and a complementary Ulta3 nail polish all for just $4.95.

And don’t worry, our Express Shipping options will ensure that you get your favourite greeting card before May 12!



“You always keep me from falling apart!”

Ulta3 Colour Your World Mother’s Day Card + Non Chip Nail Polish


We all know that mums double as superheroes. Come rain, hail or shine, they’re always there for us and they always pick us up when we’re down.

This card is ideal for those mums who seem to always put your pieces back together no matter how broken you are and lift you up when you’re feeling lower than low.

And in true pun fashion, this card relates to the clear chip-resistant top coat that comes with the card. A heavy-duty sealant that will keep your manicure from falling apart.



“I hope your day is as great as you are naturally beautiful!”

Ulta3 Colour Your World Mother’s Day Card + Natural Nail Polish


Our dear mothers try so hard to make us feel good about ourselves that they can sometimes forget just how amazing they are themselves.

This sweet greeting is sure to make mum’s day and remind her just how beautiful you think she is – inside and out.

This card also comes with a natural-coloured Ulta3 nail polish for a sophisticated manicure to enhance mum’s natural beauty.



“Every day with you is a party!”

Ulta3 Colour Your World Mother’s Day Card + Party Shoes Nail Polish


A mum is more than just a carer. She is a life partner and a best friend.

If your mum’s a little bit wild and at times, a tad bit crazy, this card is the best way to show her how thankful you are for your memorable adventures.

This card also comes with a fun pink young-at-heart nail polish to reflect mum’s vibrant youthful spirit. 



“XOXO from me to you!”

Ulta3 Colour Your World Mother’s Day Card + XOXO Nail Polish


A hug and kiss from mum can mend our broken heart better than words ever could.

Show mum you love her with a hug, a kiss and a simple card that holds so much meaning.

Paired with a glittery golden nail polish, this card exudes timelessness and love that lasts the ages. 



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