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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 22 November 2018 

Vanity Planet's Revive Professional Ice Roller uses the magic of cold therapy to revitalise your skin. Find out how!


Back in the days of black and white television, Hollywood stars would give themselves an ice cube facial to tighten and de-puff their faces before hitting the big screen.

The process was just as uncomfortable and unpleasant as you would imagine. Dunking your head in a freezing cold bucket of iced water for an extended period? Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

But it’s no secret that cold therapy does work. Why else would the famous A-listers from back in the day subject themselves to something so troublesome?



The benefits of cold therapy


Puffiness, fine lines, large pores and blemishes all contribute to dull-looking skin.

Cold therapy is a natural method to flush fluid from the skin which helps reduce puffiness and swelling. This in turn tightens the face, pores and jawline for a slimmer appearance.

Cold therapy improves blood circulation reducing redness and irritation whilst also brightening up any darkness under the eyes for an even complexion.

Cold therapy is incredibly soothing and refreshing and helps to ease bug bites, sunburn, muscular tension, aches and bruises.



How to incorporate cold therapy in your skincare regimen


Our friends at Vanity Planet have made it exceptionally easy to add cold therapy to your everyday skin care routine.

The Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller is a compact, travel-friendly, easy-to-use gadget that delivers all the benefits of cold therapy directly to your skin. No buckets of iced water necessary!

It has a smooth, non-abrasive, easy rolling surface that requires little pressure to get the desired results.

The detachable stainless-steel head retains the cold for up to two hours for you to use on your face, neck, décolletage and wherever else you need some relieving coolness.



Using the Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller


Leave your Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller in the freezer for 4+ hours.

For the most convenience and best results, leave it in the freezer overnight to give yourself a rejuvenating morning wake-up.

Sanitize the surface with cleaning alcohol before using and ensure that your face is nice and clean, and your hair is pulled back.

Roll in outwards motions from the centre of the face to the hairline for 2-5 minutes. Take it down the neck to flush away any excess fluid and tighten up the area.

When you’re done, sanitize once more and store away until next use.

Mia from the YouTube channel Beauty Within filmed herself using the Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller to slim down her face.

Her informative video highlights just how effective this product is with Mia seeing a 1.5cm reduction in her face just after minutes of use.



Keen to see what all the Hollywood hype was about?


Pick up your own Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller for $24.95 now!

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