Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 25 July 2016 

Akin to true love, we are clutching onto Tru Energy, it’s treasure trove of goodies and we will never, ever let them go. Could we believe our eyes when Tru Energy and its collection of all natural anti-aging skincare products arrived in our laps? Finally! A company that has poured their money into research, testing and natural ingredients, deserves our full attention and respect. We gazed at the products, all natural ingredients, fruit based cleansers, corrective lipid repair, exfoliants, active antioxidants and balancing botanicals and wondered how we could have been using harsher products all these years!

True Energy’s All Natural Facelift Regime has been scientifically crafted to acutely and powerfully tackle and rejuvenate the visible signs of aging in the facial and neck regions. Utterly rejecting the options of plastic surgery, nasty chemicals, injections or painfully invasive processes, Tru Energy has been striving to formulate products whose results are from innovative research, natural ingredients and your body’s own processes.

Instead of forcing short term rejuvenation through using harsh chemicals, Tru Energy’s rejuvenation seeks to enhance the natural beauty of your skin while targeting deeper occurrences that cause signs of aging. Understanding that aging is not just skin deep, Tru Energy has utilised medical breakthroughs such as the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Complex, coupling its processes with powerful natural elements like Jojoba beads to get the job done!

Complete with a gentle clarifying facial cleanser, purifying facial scrub, protective therapeutic daytime treatment, nourishing overnight treatment and anti-aging facial serum, Tru Energy has got every step of facial care naturally, completely and gloriously covered. 

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My secret to great skin

1 August 2016
My secrets to great skin is to smile and not worry about the laughter lines and getting older cause we all are beautiful regardless. Clean skin and a great moisturiser helps as well!!!

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