Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her ... Hint, hint fellas!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 6 February 2018 

Even though Valentine’s Day can be full of uncertainty for anxious almost-lovers, the one thing we can be sure of is that Valentine’s Day can be one headache-inducing holiday.

After Christmas, our lovable lads put their feet up thanking the Heaven’s above that they somehow managed to survive the ‘merry’ season. But before they know it, they’ve flipped their calendars over to February 14th and panic has set in as realisation strikes.  

That’s where we come in.

We’ve come up with some great gift ideas to get your Valentine’s Day presents sorted ahead of time!

Whether you’re a lady looking for some present ideas to hint to your boyfriend or you are that baffled boyfriend, we’ve got your back.



Cosmetic Capital E-Gift Voucher


The best solution for a present-purchasing predicament is a gift card.

Our Cosmetic Capital E-Gift Vouchers come with a $20, $50 or $100 value and allow your gift-receiver to embark on a site-wide shopping spree with their own secret voucher code that will be e-mailed to you immediately after purchase.

Because these cards are electronic vouchers, you don’t need to stress over potentially misplacing your card. Physical cards are so yesterday.

And even better, they are delivered by email immediately. So even if you've, um, forgotten, you can still pull off the last-minute present of the year!



Nude By Nature Essential Collection 7pc Professional Brush Set


It doesn’t matter whether your girl is a makeup beginner, or she has every makeup brush under the sun. The fact is you can never run out of makeup brushes.

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality pack of aesthetically-pleasing makeup brush essentials, this is it. 

The Nude By Nature Essential Collection 7pc Professional Brush Set comes with seven top-quality, labelled brushes, fit inside a super stylish and animal-friendly faux leather zip case for easy storage, convenience and travelling.  



Grace Cole Fresh Lavender Ultimate Indulgence Pack


Does your special someone deserve to indulge in utter relaxation?

If the answer is yes, (which we’re guessing it is!), treat your lucky lady to the Grace Cole Fresh Lavender Ultimate Indulgence Pack.

Rather than forking out hundreds on expensive spa treatments, this pack includes a lavender-infused foam bath, body wash, body polish, body cream, bath fizzer and a massager and flannel so that your partner can reap all the benefits of a luxurious spa-treatment from the comfort of her own home. 



Mirenesse Faves – Girls Run The World 3pc Mattfinity Matte Creams


This one’s perfect for lipstick-loving ladies with boyfriends who are too afraid to kiss them in fear of receiving their very own ruby red lip.

The Mattfinity Matte Creams by Mirenesse integrate GelLite Technology with a Lip Hug Applicator to deliver high-quality colour without the annoyance of feathering, smudging and transfer.

Combine this awesome formula for the fellas with three of the most popular Mirenesse lip shades for the ladies, and you’ve found yourself a winner. Pucker up!



We hope this guide has helped you and sparked some inspiration for potential Valentine’s Day gifts.

But if you need more inspriation, come see our full Valentine's Day category here!


Wishing you lots of luck and a very happy Valentine’s Day! 

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