Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 23 April 2017 

If we had all the money in the world to thank our beautiful mothers for everything they do for us, we would buy a private jet and fly them out to a terrific tropical paradise.

But private jets and tropical paradises aren't the easiest way to show our love nowadays.

Fortunately, we know just the right way to say ‘I love you, Mum!  and spoil her this mother’s day, without breaking the bank.


Here are five of our best recommendations.


1. L’Oreal Skin Expert Nourishing Oil Cream & Scented Lavender Candle Gift Set


We’re selling four different L’Oreal gift sets for Mother’s Day, but this one has to be the best for luxury and relaxation.

The Nourishing Oil Cream is enriched with oil micro pearls that melt into the skin to brighten the complexion and achieve a silky yet non-greasy skin finish.

Light the lavender candle by a warm bubble bath to truly experience the spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. 



2. Sukin Rose Hip Day Cream With Free Rose Hip Oil


Sukin’s Day Cream is rich in natural ingredients and the best anti-ageing actives for a revitalised complexion. The 100% certified organic rosehip oil that comes with in this pack is harnessed from wild rosehip seeds to preserve the precious oils that reinvigorate the skin.

You can read more about the remarkable benefits of rosehip oil here.

This winning duo will leave mum’s skin looking and feeling gorgeously radiant for just $19.95.



3. Cabello Straightener Brush


Cabello’s blow driers utilize exclusive ceramic technology and are certainly worth checking out. However, their straightener brush is a definite game changer.

No longer do you have to carefully section your hair and spend ages trying to achieve that silky straight do. This innovative technology makes hair straightening incredibly efficient and styling an absolute pleasure.

Mum will thank you for this one!




4. Revlon Beauty Tools Manicure Kit


Save mum a trip to the manicurist and bring those salon results right to her front door. This Revlon manicure pack contains a nail clipper and file, cuticle pusher and remover, a crazy shine buffer and a classy black bag to hold everything.

To go that extra mile, pick up Revlon’s 3 Piece Mini Nail Gift Set. These polishes are pleasantly smooth and chip-resistant. The set includes a timeless red, an elegant grey and a rosy pink.

With a combined price of $21.90, that’s still cheaper than paying for a full set at a professional nail salon.

Definitely worth it.



5. Cala Pink Couture Deluxe Make-Up Brush Set



Whilst Cala makes a range of fantastic brushes and accessories, this deluxe brush set is sure to be a Mother’s Day favourite. It’s efficient, top quality and most importantly, super adorable.

It comes with five brushes – an essential powder brush as well as four eye makeup brushes for blending, shading, defining and lining. It also comes with a matching case for convenient and stylish storage.

Be sure to update mum’s eyeshadow collection and you’re good to go!





Happy Mother’s Day from your friends here at Cosmetic Capital!



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