Why facial oils are important

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 29 August 2018 

Tired of complex skincare creams and facial scrubs? Give your tired, dry and irritated skin with a fast-acting and enriching facial oil instead. Read on to discover some of our favourite oil serum remedies.


For years, us women have avoided oil like the plague. We’ve searched far and wide for the best oil-free face products in fear of clogged pores, grease-like shine and nasty breakouts.

But times have changed in recent years since the health and cosmetic benefits of plant-based oils have become more apparent. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen herself, was said to have used almond oil on her skin. Clearly, she was onto something!

Nourishing oils can now be found in a range of face creams, serums and hair-care products. But one oil-based skincare product that has found some immense popularity lately is facial oil.



What exactly are facial oils?


Facial oils are concentrated, yet lightweight, oils that quickly penetrate the skin to rectify dryness, dullness and several signs of ageing with their omega-rich, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Facial oils hydrate the skin, plump fine lines, correct uneven tone, strengthen and protect the skin’s barrier and some may even reduce breakouts.

High in skin-identical ingredients, facial oils mimic the skins natural sebum production and are therefore suitable for all skin types. But those concerned with dryness and ageing skin are sure to see the most visible results. 



How to incorporate facial oil in your routine 


Facial oil should be massaged into freshly cleaned skin in a sweeping upward motion. Exfoliating beforehand can help the oil penetrate the skin easier.

Facial oils usually come in small packages because they are very concentrated. A little goes a long way so just a few drops should do the trick!

If you’d prefer, you may add 2-3 drops of facial oil to your moisturiser, SPF or foundation instead.

Whatever you choose, be sure to complete your skincare routine with a good moisturiser. While facial oils do provide excellent moisture, using a moisturiser on top of your facial oil will really lock-in that hydration.



Our recommendations


If you’re not sure which oil to start with (there’s a lot, I know!), the following products include a combination of multi-beneficial oils and ingredients.


L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Rebalancing Facial Oil

$16.95 (RRP $39.95


This non-greasy, fast-absorbing rebalancing facial oil from L’Oreal supports the skin’s moisture balance and targets lacking areas to refine texture and tighten pores whilst also leaving behind a subtle aromatic scent.

The L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Rebalancing Facial Oil is made up of antioxidant Lavender, anti-bacterial Marjoram and Rosemary, soothing Geranium, skin-tone-improving Rose, calming Roman Chamomile and collagen-promoting Orange Peel and Lavandin.



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