Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 March 2017 

They’ve taken the online world by storm, dominating YouTube culture and almost always appearing somewhere on Instagram feeds. I’m talking, of course, about oval-shaped makeup brushes.

Beauty bloggers, celebrity make-up artists, and even celebrities themselves are raving about these brushes.

But what makes these peculiar toothbrush/hairbrush looking hybrids so popular? A lot more than you’d think.  


They’re economical


In the beauty world, there’s makeup brushes of every shape and size for anything and everything. It gets a little confusing - not to mention, expensive!

These multi-purpose brushes are shaped in such a way that a single brush can have multiple uses.

The density of the brushes ensure that your makeup remain on the surface rather than sinking into the brush so that you get maximum product application. You’ll no longer be unintentionally wasting and having to restock your favourite foundations and powders constantly.  


They’re multi-functional


Larger oval brushes can be used for blending liquid and cream foundations, as well as loose and pressed powder, face creams, moisturisers and primers.

Medium-sized brushes can be used with concealers, bronzers, contouring products and blushes.

Smaller brushes are great for concealers, highlighters, precise contours and eyeshadows.

Kylie Jenner swears by oval brushes for applying moisturiser for the excellent blending and the soothing smoothness of the bristles. Kim Kardashian on the other hand, loves using these brushes for self-tanning due to the flawlessly blended, even coverage you can achieve.



They’re efficient


The fact that these brushes hold product at the surface of the brush head means you won’t have to be constantly reapplying to get that gorgeous coverage.

The unique oval-shape fits effortlessly in the face’s contours, and the size and texture of these brushes ensure there’ll be less time taken for that seamless, even blend.

With these brushes, you’re in control!

The uniquely curved, weight balanced handle was specifically designed for more control in self-application.



The excellent results


These brushes have 3-10 more times the individual hair fibres than traditional makeup brushes, and their density and texture allows you to easily blend and blur imperfections without streaking or brush-shedding.

You haven’t seen an impeccably flawless blend until you’ve used one of these babies!



Curious to try these brushes for yourself?

We recommend Cala’s Flawless Blend Urban Studio Velvet Touch Oval Brush Set. This 3-piece brush set is excellent for oval brush newbies, will cater to all of your facial make-up brush needs and definitely do not disappoint.


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