How to change your lash game

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 14 April 2019 

If you want to take your lash game to the next level, we have three words for you. Ardell. Remy. Lashes.


When it comes to false eyelashes, Ardell is one of the most recognised brands in the game.

Used by beauty fans and Hollywood makeup artists alike, this best-selling fake lash extraordinaire has crafted many a lovely lash over the decades to transform short stubby lashes and grace them with volume, length and fluttering enchantment.

Not only do they look incredible and blend wonderfully with your existing lashes, but Ardell lashes are also loved for their comfortable, lightweight feel as compared to some other fake lashes that can weigh down the eyes.

As if Ardell couldn’t get any better, they have come out with a Remy lash range which is going to improve your lash game even more than before.

If the term ‘Remy hair’ sounds familiar to you, it’s because some hair extensions utilise Remy hair to give them that natural appearance and gorgeously soft texture.

Remy hair is thought to be the finest quality of human hair. Unlike other hair extensions, Remy hair is kept intact, and the cuticle is preserved rather than stripped which contributes to their incredibly natural appearance.

The Ardell Remy lashes in particular use 100% premium quality Remy hair that has been infused with keratin for a silky soft feel and a seamless natural-looking blend with your existing lashes. They also incorporate a knot-free invisiband that feels comfortable on the lid and is almost undetectable for the most natural lash look ever.

If you’re an avid user of false lashes or you don’t like how fake some lashes can look on the eyes, you need to give these lashes a go! 


Photo: ardellbeauty


Ardell Premium Remy Hair Lashes 781


If you’re all about the length and the glam, these lashes are for you!

Extra long and fabulously fluttery, these luxe lashes are nothing short of beautiful. Nor are they short in any sense of the word!



Ardell Premium Remy Hair Lashes 776


These luxurious lashes are giving us mystery, edge and attitude!

Stunningly voluminous and utterly glamorous, these mysteriously dark lashes will undoubtedly add a tonne of drama and flirtatious flair to your lash look.



Ardell Premium Remy Hair Lashes 778


This slightly flared wispy lashes lengthen and thicken the lashes for a bold, extravagant lash look.

Thicker at the outermost points, these lashes also help to elongate the eyes for a sexy wide-eyed effect.



The Ardell Premium Remy lash range is available now for $12.99 a pair. Click here to check them out!


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