Why these products are Cult Favourites

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 26 December 2018 

Delve into the world of the beauty ‘cult favourite’ and discover how our selection of coveted and most best-selling cosmetics can really take your beauty regimen to the next level.


You've heard and seen their names headlining beauty blogs and leading beauty magazines; the multitude of life-changing skincare savers, coveted makeup products and bath goods that have earned them the lofty title of 'cult favourite'.

Oh, we have them to, our selection of special ‘cult favourites’

But what's does it take to become a 'cult favourite?'



As senior writer Brenna Kilbane of Allure perfectly explains,“Everything about beauty has an air of unattainability to it; everything is a little mystical, and we’re always in pursuit of something,"

When a coveted lipstick, liquid eyeliner or a leading range of skincare products are labelled as a 'cult favourite', there's a crazy desire to possess something that is difficult to otherwise obtain.

However, when we hear the term 'cult favourites', we think of leading cosmetics that have stood time and maintained a steady buzz of popularity, because their magical abilities have guided us through our journeys to beauty time and time again.

These products are a phenomenon in themselves, not just for revolutionary and transformative formulas, but for their accessible price point and availability to all.

The act of purchasing a 'cult favourite' gives gorgeous beauty lovers around the world a sense of power and purpose. You're not just buying a product to stay on a transient trend, but instead, are part of an exclusive group of beauty gurus where their timeless and ever-lasting style and standards meet yours. Phew! Who knew makeup and skincare products could have that much power over us?



Here are some of our cult favourites that you have to try!


L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Anti-Ageing Eye Cream


Fine line and wrinkles, dark circles and imperfections around the eyes are whisked away in a flash. This anti-ageing formulation makes use of L'Oreal's Opti Blur Technology, a lightweight and ultra-smooth cream designed primarily to smooth and treat aged and dry complexions.

Say goodbye to one month's worth of ageing and fatigue.


L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Illuminating Skin Primer Pure Light 20ml


This primer's reinvented liquid light technology captures the natural light that hits your face and illuminates the complexion from within. This multi-purpose formula offers a lightweight hydrating formula that tones and evens the skin for up to eight hours.


e.l.f HD Undereye Setting Powder Sheer


Perfect for diffusing white light tones from your camera flash, this ultra-fine setting powder minimises the reflective properties in makeup for a soft-focus and camera ready finish. Made with an enriching complex of Vitamin C & K, this powder also restores and strengthens the delicate under-eye skin for a revitalised appearance.


CoverGirl Eact Eyelights Mascara 705 Black Ruby


A tint of high-impact light-reflecting metallics can add that extra pizzazz for brighter 'naked' looking lashes. Giving up to four times brighter eyes, this clear mascara is lightly tinted to bring out the natural colour of your eyes, and that gives you a gorgeous, patented lash-look.


John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Repairing Conditioner With Silk Protein 250ml


Packed with intensely nourishing silk proteins and John Frieda's Frizz-Mending Complex, this transformative hair treatment replenishes the natural hair shafts with soothing oils to eliminate frizz and fly-aways for flawlessly soft and smooth hair. Split ends be-gone!


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