Why we love BYS

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 1 August 2018 

When it comes to beauty brands, BYS is pretty special.

BYS is that brand you grow up with. The brand that initially encourages you to dip your toes into the land of makeup.

Though you may stray over the years and try out a few other brands here and there, BYS always lures you back with some cool new product or nostalgia at the very least.

BYS has touched the hearts and the piggy banks of many young Aussie girls but their impact goes far beyond that.

Their exciting products are designed for the young, the old, the beauty junkie and the mere novice alike.

BYS is being exported all over the world for its affordability, effectiveness and quirky one-of-a-kind approach to beauty.

And whilst we’re speaking of making an impact, BYS is 100% against animal testing and are proud to be a PETA-recognised cruelty free brand.

There are so many reasons why we love BYS but here are the main factors that set them apart from other beauty brands.



Always in tune with the latest trends


I don’t think there’s a brand out there that’s as on-the-ball with the latest trends as BYS.

From unicorn brushes to the silicone sponge to a range of oval makeup brushes and a huge selection of glitters, BYS has made it clear that they will never be left behind when it comes to the fresh new trends that are blowing up our Insta-feeds.


Unique themed ranges


Do you ever find the perfect eyeshadow palette and think “I wish I had a lipgloss to match…”? Well apparently BYS can read minds.

When the BYS Berries 12-Colour Eyeshadow Palette blew up, BYS came up with the awesome idea of creating an entire range of berry-themed products to satisfy our cravings.

And because they’re just that generous, they even developed a Peach range to further quench our thirst for juicy fruits.



Helpful devices


BYS go further than just providing us with the basics.

They want to make our pursuit for self-expression as simple as can be, and they do so by crafting these nifty little devices that take the messes and stresses out of makeup.

Worried about eyeshadow fall-out ruining your foundation? BYS Eyeshadow Shields.

Can’t seem to get your winged eyeliner even on both sides? BYS Wing Magic Perfect Wing Liner Stamp.

They really do think of everything!


Special FX


BYS not only provide you with all the go-to products and stunning palettes for feeling beautiful, but they also have an extensive range of Special FX products for your not-so-beautiful Halloween costumes.

Whether you want to be a blood-sucking vampire or a flesh-eating zombie, BYS have got you covered from colored face makeup to dirt powder and even fake blood for you to get creative with!

BYS make it easy to be exactly who you want to be. 



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