Why We Love J.Cat Beauty

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 1 August 2018 

For a gateway to unapologetically incandescent finishes and richly coloured shades that inspired looks beyond today's trends, J.Cat Beauty cosmetics tick all the boxes. Here's why we love them!


Meow! It's time to sharpen those claws ladies because it's time to hunt for J.Cat Beauty's best and brightest cosmetics.

Let's face it, you know we adore our indie brands, and J.Cat Beauty indeed surpasses all. For experimental shades and experimental finishes that go above and beyond, J.Cat Beauty will always have your back.


Why We Love J.Cat Beauty?


Stuff the rules! There's always time to get rebellious and innovative with your makeup look. When it comes to J.Cat Beauty, we love the fact there are no-rules attached when it comes to their polychromatic hues and revolutionary tools.

If you're looking for a standard foundation or a primary lip liner, then look elsewhere because this indie brand transcends today's makeup trends. J.Cat Beauty is a brand that brings misfits together, creating high-performing and long-lasting cosmetic goods designed to complement all skin tones and showcase revolutionary styles and creativity. Sign us up!



We also love that J.Cat Beauty is 100% cruelty-free (yay for bunnies), and how every eyeshadow, glow baked highlighter and perfect travel sized palette is made from only the best ingredients and is free of those artificial nasties that are harmful to our skin.

When you step into the mesmerising world of J.Cat, you'll never go back to the land of ordinary. Think of stunningly vibrant palettes of all hues, eye-popping liquid finishes, iridescent, multi-dimensional eye-toppers, unapologetically incandescent highlighters that blend effortlessly onto the skin, three-toned baked shadows, eyeliners that demand attention and primers that do more than prep your face for makeup. If you want nothing but out-of-this-world, you're guaranteed out-of-this-world.


Here are some J.Cat Beauty products that we can't live without


J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter Moon And Back


We can't get enough of this highlighter. A light dusting of this velvety smooth baked powder and your cheekbones will sport a strikingly iridescent golden glow like no tomorrow. Also, it's got a pretty pattern engraved on the surface.


J.Cat Beauty 24 Eyeshadow Palette Melrose Ave


Don the colours of Melrose Ave, the Los Angeles equivalent of the trendy, eclectic streets of the Sydney suburb of Newtown. This covetable palette boasts an array of velvety matte and shimmer hues of sunset reds, oranges, along with dusky and midnight purples - a definite must-have.


J.Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder Pearl Luminzer


This lightweight powder absorbs impurities and oil and extends the life of your makeup, all the while leaving a gorgeous pearlescent finish that's to die for. This pearlescent loose powder is most suitable for paler skin tones.


J.Cat Beauty 3D-licious Holographic lip Cream Ethereal Chaos


For a luscious pout that demands attention, a few coats of this multi-chrome lipstick is bound to meet your expectations. This super pigmented and glossy lip cream comes in a purple pigment and infused with strikingly reflective red and teal shifting shimmers throughout, adding a whole new dimension to the lips. Uh... yes, please?


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