Why you should replace your facial brush heads pronto!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 1 July 2018 

Over-exfoliation, a build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria on your daily facial brush can cause potential irritation to our precious skin. Learn how changing the heads of your facial brushes can up the ante on your skincare regimen.

Finally achieving flawless skin is quite the journey. It takes a large amount of time, patience and persistence (not to mention cold, hard cash!). Why then would you allow old, tattered brush heads be the cause of your skin’s demise?

We know that Vanity Planet’s facial cleansing systems are beyond amazing. We’ve gushed about them time and time again and the reviews have been excellent. But just like the tyres on our car need replacing to keep our vehicles working properly, our brush heads need to be replaced to maintain their effectiveness and remain in prime condition.



Reason #1: Build up is inevitable and can induce several different skin problems


Regardless of how many times you clean a brush head and how thorough you may be, build up over time is something that is impossible to avoid entirely.

Build up begins at the base of the brush head and can be difficult to reach when cleaning. This causes bacteria to grow whilst dead skin cells and other gross things are being collected. Then you’re putting all that yucky stuff on your face without even knowing what’s happening under the surface, potentially causing yourself irritation, breakouts, or even rashes. *shudder*


Reason #2: Your glorious brush heads will no longer be so glorious. They may even start to have an adverse effect


You know when you first buy your beloved new smart phone and can’t fault it in any way possible, then three years down the track it’s doing all sorts of crazy things like restarting, shutting down of its own accord and requiring a charge every half an hour? That doesn’t mean that your phone was faulty when you bought it. It just means that it has passed its prime.

Everything has a life span.

Vanity Planet’s brush heads are fantastic. They do the job wonderfully and pair with the overall system perfectly. But just like everything, they need replacing after a while.

As the bristles soften after extended use, they will no longer have the same effect. Similarly, brush heads can become rough and abrasive over time and may begin to cause irritation and inflammation due to over-exfoliation.


Photo: chrissy.dianne


It is recommended that your brush heads should be changed every 2-3 months to continue seeing great results and avoid causing any unintentional damage to your skin.

Vanity Planet’s brush head replacements for the UItimate Skin Spa, Spin for Perfect Skin and GlowSpin facial cleansing systems are all available at Cosmetic Capital for $13.95.

$13.95 every 2-3 months is quite a small investment for better skin and improved results in the long-run. 

If your Vanity Planet facial cleansing system has been working wonders for you, why halt that success with old, ineffective brush heads?


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Watch Vanity Planet’s video tutorial on how to replace your Spin for Perfect Skin brush head below.


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