Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 29 June 2016 

Maybelline’s Doing It For Gals: Dare to go Nude. Well, We Double Dare You.


Maybelline, oh Maybelline, they’ve been there with us through thick and thin. Casting our minds back we still remember the year 6 formal.

Stakes were high, was Jimmy going to give us the peck on the lips? (which was the MOST IMPORTANT THING ever).

Were our fluttering eyes, complete with neon blue eyeshadow (non blended of course …) going to get the conversation past discussing the latest Pokemon battle he had just won?

Dears, if we dig deep down it’s likely that our relationship with eye shadow has gone through some bleak terrain. There was the mix of thinking, no, very firmly knowing that more was definitely more and if we were going to bedazzle at life we had better have 3 plus shades of shadow on our upper lids. But thank the fashion fairies on high that this trend passed and we were able to embrace a whole new approach to the business of the make-up and the face.


A bad eyeshadow is hard to forget 

Oh Ange, no Ange


Like the sound of the coffee cart mid-morning, the nude trend has come to our needy, needy hearts to soothe and reassure. Our faces are fabulous contours of glory and they need not the neon green of the year six formal but the subtle and nuances tones of the nude palatte to bring out what’s been there all along.

Whether it be a dark Monday morning or last minute on a Friday night and the taxi will not stop honking, blearily looking into the mirror thinking all hope is lost. No! By Jove, we pick up the Maybelline nude palatte and let it save the kingdom. Daenerys may have her dragons but we have our Maybelline nude palette. It’ll do enough slaying without any fire thank you very much.

What’s one thing we know with utter confidence? Our bodies and faces are our own and we can be the fierce independent darlings that we were born to be with complete verve. There’s been quite the fight to get here, aesthetic looks going through a whole heap of shade but now we’re in the nude. It’s time to deliciously settle in to the gorgeous co-operation of tans, crèmes, browns, golds and blacks to highlight the glow that your cheeky self has been dominating. Life’s short enough, let’s have a great time in the nude!

Come see the Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Trio Set here



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