Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 18 May 2017 

It seems as though everywhere you look, more and more stunning eyeshadow palettes are being released. With all those colour combos, magnificent mattes and sparkly shimmers, it’s easy to go crazy and buy everything on impulse, which I myself have been known to do! #noshame

Whilst I strongly encourage you to check out all of the snazzy shadows we have on offer, here are five of our best sellers and top recommendations to get you going! 



Coastal Scents 20 Eye Shadow Colors Palette Revealed 2


With a single glance, pure and utter beauty radiates from this shadow palette. Offering up an array of 20 warm-toned matte and shimmer shadows in a variety of colours, this palette is extremely versatile and unquestionably glamorous.

It features a range of natural pigments for typical every day wear, as well as stunningly bold pigments that are perfect for a night on the town. It also includes a beautiful, rich red that’s quite hard to come by in eye shadow palettes. Definitely get a hold of this one.



Max Factor Contouring Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette 01 Cappuccino Nudes


This high-quality palette is comprised of eight perfectly paired pigments that flatter every eye and every look. They’re buildable, smooth and simply stunning.

From mattes to shimmers to glitters, this palette has you covered for every occasion. I’m telling you. This palette is better than any ol’ cappuccino.



BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette 24 Colours Exposed

Looking for an extensive collection of your favourite staple nudes for an unbeatable price? In that case, the Colours Exposed palette by BYS is for you!

This palette holds 24 eye shadows of matte and metallic finishes. From the warmest browns to the coolest greys, this palette’s got every colour you’d need for your most basic nude looks to your boldest smokey’s.



LA Girl Beauty Brick Nudes Eyeshadow Collection  

This palette by LA Girl is your high-end nude palette substitute. The selection of colours resembles those offered in most high-end nude palettes (most comparably; Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette) with a stunning variety of both cooler tones and warm, rose-toned neutral shades.

What makes it great? The fact that you’re getting all the best nude shades, fantastic quality and gorgeous pigmentation for a fraction of what you would be paying for other similar palettes.

This palette is perfect for flirty, natural looks and the sexiest, most sultry looks. The choice is yours! 



Profusion Nude 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette 01

Still not enough variety for you? What you need is this unique (and simply awesome!) palette by Profusion.  This nude palette still contains your generic nudes and dark defining shadows, but it also includes some eye-catching hues like bright yellows and awe-inspiring olives to give your nude looks a tasteful twist. Yes please!



So, which palette will be your new makeup pal? 

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