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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 24 September 2018 

A shout out to the Cosmetic Capital family, these Makeover Essentials from... uh, Makeover Essentials is all you need to rock out pops of colour and endless glamour!


A statement that has withstood the test of time is that a makeover cures everything.

Whilst this may not be true in all cases, a makeover can sure make a girl feel confident, self-assured and ready to face life’s many challenges.  

Makeover Essentials is a fun and affordable cosmetics brand that ensures all of your must-have makeover necessities are easily accessible, simple to use and, most importantly, on-trend.

Passionate about helping women feel beautiful from the inside out, Makeover Essentials is all about enhancing inner beauty and expressing ones inner ME!

Makeover Essentials stock a range of beauty brushes and makeup products for the face, eyes and lips, but they are known for their expertly coordinated palettes and kits.

Here are some of our personal favourites from the Makeover Essentials range.



Makeover Essentials Essential Face Color Kit



One of the hardest things about travelling is wanting to pack all your makeup products when you know that it would be both impractical and socially unacceptable to use up your entire baggage allowance on makeup. Oops.

The Makeover Essentials Essential Face Color Kit is your one stop shop for all your essential makeup needs.

This single compact includes nine eyeshadows, two lip glosses and two blushes that can take you from day to night. You can achieve a simple day-time look or a sophisticated smokey eye with both neutral hues and vibrant pops of colour.

This kit also comes with an integrated mirror and two types of applicators. Bless you, Makeover Essentials.



Makeover Essentials Personalized Custom Compact



As we mentioned, Makeover Essentials is all about helping you express yourself. This compact does exactly that, putting all the power in your hands as you mix and match different shades to customize your own signature look.

Extremely functional and conveniently lightweight, the Makeover Essentials Personalized Custom Compact contains 12 beautiful colour pans that can be swapped out and rearranged in exactly the way you choose.

Take your pick from five eyeshadows, five lip colours and four blushes, with three applicators and a fitted mirror to get the glam going!



Makeover Essentials Lip Addiction



If you’re addicted to lip colour (or need a reason to be!) the Makeover Essentials Lip Addiction pack is guaranteed to get you in the mood.

Providing you with pigment, comfort and sheen with the addition of a clear vinyl carry case and brush applicator, paint your lips with four timeless shades that are sure to tie each and every look together with beauty and radiance. Muah.



Makeover Essentials 3D Mascara Duo



This might not be a palette or kit, but the Makeover Essentials 3D Mascara Duo deserves an honorary mention.

Get the most out of your lashes with a volumising mascara that prizes your lashes natural softness.

The two-step system of lash gel and delicate fibres bring fullness, body and dimension to your lashes so that you can transform your lash look from dull to doll-like in no time.



Are you long overdue for your makeover? Click here to shop more Makeover Essentials!

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