Author: Quinn Bexley North   Date Posted:19 October 2016 

Hilarious don’t even cover this one, ladies.

Hey deary dears. How long have we been on this journey together? A while right?

We’ve built up a connection.

We’ve shared our highs and lows.

We’ve adored, drooled and been inspired alongside you.

We’ve talked about having the driest skin on this good, green earth, being the palest thing since pasteurised milk and crawling pathetically in the cold towards the promise of summer. (It’s 22 degrees at the mo, we shall continue on in hope).

You know it babes, the honesty, it’s been real, real fresh and transparent (…like our bloomin’ skin tone but that’s neither here nor there …)

So we think it’s time that we got real once more. We love a good Instagram stalk as much as the next girl and so we’ve seen the trends that are trending HARD.

From the contouring, to the high, high, highest of the highlighting (dayum the shine, though) and our personal favourite, baking.

Baking it hot, baking it long and baking it true.

Our one love the Kim to the Kardash swears by it and while we completely agree you should do whatever the beauteous freedom of this life allows you to do, even Betty Crocker has been heard to have said, there can be too much baking.

So we got to finding a feel good, chuckle worthy, take it all with a pinch of salt, laugh good and true and joyous vid – a form of beauty therapy we thinks.

Enter Jackie Aina, a phenom of a woman, makeup wizard and comedienne del imma gna lose my lunch – kinda funny.

She lays it down real smooth in this gem of a vid. It’s from 10 months ago. But mee hearties, these trends are still bearing down hard on all our feeds. Have a watch and have yourself a wee larff. We’re laughing at ourselves, it all and having a great time. We hope you do too! It’ll be #amazing.

Love ya babes, keep being you.

The Cosmetic Capital team. 


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