Turn your bedroom into a professional makeup studio with the Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk!

Keep all of your makeup products together in this sleek, trendy storage desk that has been specifically crafted and compartmentalised for maximum organisation, ease of access and ultimate convenience.

No need to stressfully rummage through drawers for that tiny brush you keep losing. Easily identify and grab products that would have usually been crushed at the pit of your bursting makeup bag.

This compact makeup desk takes up a minimal amount of space, but has been excellently designed to hold a very substantial amount of items. This is a must-have for anyone who needs to clear up some space in their cluttered bedrooms! 

The Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk ships FREE* – Don’t pass it up! 


- Main compartment: Fitted with a vertical, well-sized mirror and 4 internal, equally-sized square compartments
- Square above-surface compartment
- Rectangular drawer
- Surface space: Mirror down – Large, L-shaped space, Mirror up – Smaller square space
- Silver knobs for easy use
- Adequate space between table legs to slide a chair underneath 

Building time: Approx. 5-10 minutes. Extremely straight forward, but customer service is readily available for anyone struggling with assembly.

Weight: 15kg when constructed
Height: Mirror down – 75cm, Mirror up – 125cm

Width: 60cm

Length: 50cm

Made in China

Please note this item ships seperately. If bought on its own, there will be no shipping fee. If bought with other products, the normal freight fee will apply.

*Free shipping does not apply for Express Shipping.