By the power of e.l.f’s Mascara Shadow & Shield, we command thee eyeshadow fallout and mistakes be gone!

This magical half-moon shaped wand allows you to apply eye makeup flawlessly. Completely mistake-proof, the innovative silicone tool flexibly bends around the shape of your eyes and is conveniently designed to shield the under eye area from eyeshadow fallout and mascara smears. The mascara and shadow shield is reusable and reversible, allowing you to achieve your magnificent eye looks to both eyes. This tool is a great gift for aspiring makeup artists.

This nifty tool is cruelty-free and 100% vegan

  • Place the shield comfortably and snugly below the bottom lash line and apply eyeshadow or glitter
  • Place on upper lash line when applying mascara to shield against smudges on the eyelid.
  • Wipe with tissue and flip the shield to repeat on the other eye.
  • Remove the shield from handle for more control.
  • Clean regularly with brush shampoo